100% unlimited Camtel free internet 2020

If you have been searching for so long how you can acquire Free Unlimited Camtel Internet without paying a dime, then you are at the right time reading the ultimate solution that will get you started for free. This guide has been tested and confirmed on countless occasions before we decided to share it with you guys. If you are new to this blog, we want to welcome you and wish you a blazing fast internet 2020.

How This Free Unlimited Camtel Internet Works?

We understand that so many people are already used to Wimax Unlimited Internet that we shared some few days back but not everyone is opportune to enjoy this unlimited free as we do and for this reason, we have decided to save the best for the last. Your-freedom Free unlimited Internet with Camtel and Yoomee is still working with blazing speed, but not everyone has that opportunity to enjoy the free as reported by some of our blog users. Free Unlimited Camtel Internet Reborn is here to stay so, therefore, make good use of it.

Camtel free internet 2020 requirements

For this Camtel free internet trick, you will be in need of the following;

  • A good windows computer with at least 2gb RAM
  • Camtel Sim Card with no data connection
  • Any 4G Compatible Device (phone or modem or key or live box)
  • A tunnelling software (download below)
  • Good internet browser (chrome or touch browser)

How to configure Camtel free internet 2020

Easy K-phon Mini Configuration

  1. Download K-phon Mini: It is recommended that you download this as it connects faster
  2. Extract the downloaded file: The password to the downloaded file is
  3. Click on k-phon mini settings and click on save: The software has already been configured to the maximum so you won’t have to do much
  4. Click on the home tab, connect and enjoy: After you click on start, give it some few seconds to connect
  5. Goto proxy settings and configure: This should enable internet access on your internet browsers.

Advantages of Free Camtel Internet

  • You are in total control of your connection
  • You don’t need any data bundle to use this free
  • You don need any subscription
  • Its averagely fast
  • Torrents, gaming, downloading and uploading is allowed
  • Doesn’t consume your RAM

Disadvantages of Free Camtel Internet

  • It may be slow depending on your location
  • Not everyone has a working PC
  • The process to purchase of Camtel sim is not as easy as you think
  • Camtel sim cards don’t have static prices (10000, 5000, 2500)
  • Camtel network is not fully accessible everywhere

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