Are you a big fan of Anime? Looking for the best websites to stream & download English dubbed animes in 2022? We’ve got your back. We have listed below some of the best free anime streaming websites for you.

For one, a day cannot go by without me watching anime movies. So, if you are a member of the Anime ecosystem like myself, this one is for you. Check out the best websites to stream & download English dubbed animes in 2022.

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Anime has always been a good form of entertainment just like normal TV shows and movies. Nowadays, there are billions of people who watch animes. To many, it is far more entertaining than any other TV Show. So, if you are looking for where to watch English dubbed animes we have the best websites to recommend to you.

Best websites to stream & download English dubbed animes in 2021

It is no doubt that Japanese Animes are very popular and entertaining. For someone who isn’t that versed with the language, or would like not to miss a single idea behind a movie, going for the dubbed is the right call of action.

Check below, the best websites to stream and download English dubbed animes.

Gogoplay (or

Looking for both old and recently released animes? Then you will surely find them here. Vidstreaming is one of my favourite free websites for streaming and downloading dubbed animes.

Vidstreaming: best website to stream english dubed animes

On, animes are updated regularly on a daily basis. You can download both English dubbed and subbed animes here. Animes are categorised into; recently added sub, recently added raw, dub, Anime movies and more.

Furthermore, it provides videos on multiple servers, giving you the possibility to stream or download from the best. Each server offers videos of different quality. The latter is a good option for even those with a limited data connection.

Regarding the interface, the website has a very simple layout. With Animes grouped into categories and a search bar at the top, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Vists Vidstreaming

Crunchyroll: Best website to stream English dubbed animes

Crunchyroll is an American distributor, publisher, and licensing company focused on streaming anime, manga, and dorama. If you are looking for a good website to stream dubbed animes with no popup ads, then go for Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll let you stream on most devices for free but at the low quality of 480p. To get full access, you can upgrade o a premium plan. It offers you a 14 free premium trial as well.

Crunchyroll: best website to stream and download english dubbed animes

Visit Crunchyroll

GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime
GoGo Anime

This website is very similar to Vidstreaming. The two sites have their videos hosted on the same servers and update anime movies regularly. If you are looking for a good website to stream and download English dubbed anime, then it is a good choice.

Again, you can find any type of anime TV show(Martial art, superpower, Action, isekai, etc.

Visit GoGo Anime

KissAnime: Best websites to stream & download English dubbed animes

This website is one of the best free anime-watching websites which allows you to get all the free anime you want to watch. From the KissAnime website, you can get English dubbed anime and can download it as well.

Also, it has a good and user-friendly interface which you would love to watch and if you want to get rid of any kind of ads, just register on this website and watch anime on the go.


9anime is another good streaming site for English dubbed and subbed anime. It offers high resolution, little ads, and quick updates. One issue with this site is that you cannot download the series.

Also, Anime videos are grouped into different categories like; Action, Adventure, Cars, Comedy, Dementia, Demons, Ecchi, Fantasy, Game
, Harem, Historical etc.


AnimeFreak: best websites to stream & download English dubbed animes

Anime Freak is also good when it comes to streaming and downloading anime movies. Most importantly, It offers exclusive content that can’t be found on another website can be found here. Also, both dubbed and original series versions are accessible on Anime Freak.

Stream from Anime Freak

Our thoughts

We have listed some best websites to stream & download English dubbed animes in 2019 above. So, if you have been wondering which site is good for streaming or downloading English dubbed animes, with them you are ready to go.

Have other good anime websites to share with others? drop a comment below and spread the news!

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