Xiaomi, the Chinese company behind the Mi Phones has yet another flagship of their products coming this November 2019. And from a teaser spotted on their Weibo account by XDA Developers, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is a lookalike of the Apple Watch.

The image teasers show a rectangular face with rounded corners, a crown button on the right-hand side. It also features a small pill-shaped button below it.

Another teaser shows the internals of the watch which includes Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC as well as a « high-performance » CPU. Also, the Mi Watch features a Bluetooth, an eSIM for making calls.

Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch is a lookalike of the Apple Watch
Mi Watch; internals of the watch

This doesn’t come as a surprise though as their smartwatch called Amazfit made last year also looked like the Apple Watch.

One big discovery is that the Mi Watch is that it will run on the MIUI(A custom Android OS) instead of WearOS.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch will be presented during their upcoming event This November the 5th.

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