Facebook for desktop has gotten a new design. This new streamlined desktop design makes Facebook desktop new UI version is much faster. And also comes with one of the features loved by many – The dark mode.

The new design brings the desktop web version of the world’s most popular sociam media closer to the Mobile App version with with tabs for home, Watch, Marketplace, Groups, and more. Facebook Inc began rolling out the option to opt in to a new design a couple of days ago.

The main goal behind this redesign of facebook.com is to help users find what they are looking for faster, and as well as providde them with a more optimised and fast loading Facebook.

This new design isn’t yet available for everyone yet but will become the default design for the Facebook desktop website. And also, for the time being, users who have the option to opt-in for this new UI can switch back to the classic old design.

Facebook desktop new UI version

You can turn on the new design by going to the Settings menu and choose the option « see new Facebook. » And if you already have it turned on, to switch back, go to the same menu, but select « switch to classic Facebook. »

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