This short and quick guide will walk you down the steps on how to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 10 and 8 64 bits. This is one of the many problems many come across on their computer, but can’t easily fighre out what to do.

Digitally signed drivers come with an electronic fingerprint that guarantees that the driver was created by the hardware manufacturer and that it hasn’t been modified since it was created. And their installation won’t be any problem no matter the Windows you are using provided it was made to work for your system architecture.

But with unsigned drivers, or drivers not signed by Microsoft, or self-signed drivers for development purposes, the installation on any Windows 10 or 8 64bits will be blocked by the driver signature enforcement.

To be able to install such drivers, you will need to disable the driver signature enforcement, and that is exactly what this guide is all about.

Disable driver signature enforcement – Steps to follow

Microsoft designed Windows 10 and 8 to only allow digitally signed drivers as a measure to enhance security. This feature can be very useful, especially when you are concerned about your safety.

However, for some reason, you might need to install drivers that are not digitally signed. Of course, your system will block you from doing so. As such, you will need some solution that will help you disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 10 & 8 64bits.

With the Windows 10 32 bits, you can install unsigned drivers with any hassle.

Here are the steps to follow in order to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 10 & 8 64 bits:

  • Hold down the SHIFT Key then restart your computer. Note that you should keep holding down the SHIFT key until you see the screen asking you to choose an option.
disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 10 & 8 64 bits:
  • Next, once in the menu asking to choose an option, select « Troubleshoot ».
Go to troubleshoot menu
  • Select then « Advanced Options » from the troubleshoot menu options.
driver signature enforcement windows 64 bits
  • Under the advanced options, choose « startup settings » and click the « restart » button to restart your computer;
  • Your computer will then boot and you will see different startup options to modify. You should then see the option to disable drivers signature enforcement. Use either the number key or function key corresponding to the number indicated for disabling the driver’s enforcement. It may vary depending on your computer.
startup settings

After performing all the actions mentioned above, your PC will boot with driver signature enforcement disabled. You’ll then be able to install unsigned drivers.

Note that this will only disable the driver signature enforcement temporarily. It will be reactivated the next time your computer restarts.

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