Will TikTok Donald Trump really be ban in the US? And why this any ways? Things seems quite tight for the Chinese company behind TikTok, one of the world’s most used video sharing app.

What exactly is happening with TikTok? The last time this video sharing app was banned in India by the Indian government. And now the US President Donald Trump claims he will ban Tik Tok in the US.

According to information from Bloomberg, President Donald Trump plans to announce a decision ordering China’s ByteDance Ltd. to divest its ownership of the music-video app TikTok, which is popular with the U.S.

But early today the US President claims he will ban TikTok where he said he could use emergency economic powers or executive order.

And this info could be confirmed from a tweet on Tweeter from reporters in the White House press pool. Also, sources suggest this may be apparently against the possible sale to a US company like Microsoft.

The US government thinks TikTok possess a possible security threat although Cybersecurity experts have said TikTok’s potential risk to national security is largely theoretical and that there is no evidence to suggest that TikTok’s user data has been compromised by Chinese intelligence.

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