It was in the past where very few could find a good private search engine to use for their online activities until DuckDuckGo launches in 2018. And now, a new Private search engine Privado has just come to life.

Privado private search engine

Just like DuckDuckGo, The Privado search engine focuses on the user’s online privacy. CodeFuel, Perion Network’s search technology division, is the mastermind behind the Privado Private Search Engine whose main goal is protecting users’ rights to online privacy.

When you make a search using the Privado search engine, you get a contextual displayed based on your queries. What you get has nothing to do with your IP, location, etc as the search engine doesn’t store cookies and any other form of data.

Search results here are powered by Bing and according to Doron Gerstel, CEO of Perion, search monetisation is a core pillar in their strategy to deliver cross channel client value .

Collaborating with Microsoft Advertising, Prion Network believes their private search engine will bring to the market a new experience for consumers who are looking to protect their privacy.

Privado Private Search engine key features

  • No tracking of user data as the search engines doesn’t keep your search history on their database, as well as use your IP de determine search results.
  • No cookies or tracking tools used
  • Fast search results while keeping your online activity safe and secured(private)
  • The search engine also delivers non-personalised Ads.
  • Availability of a Chrome extension, Firefox Add-on and an Android search app for Android users as well.

Using this private search engine

Just like Google, Bing and any other search engine, you can use Privado on your Android, iOS or computer directly from your web browser by visiting

And as mentioned above, you can either choose to install the Chrome extension or Firefox Add-on. Android users can get the app from the Google Play Store.

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[appbox firefoxaddon privado-private-search]

[appbox googleplay id=com.appsearchwidget]

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