TV Replay: Watch TV in replay for free: Check out how you can watch live TV in replay for free using the top recommended sites we have here.

Most of the TV Replay or rebroadcasting sites listed are curated with French and English TV program and fims.

Catch-up TV defines both a type of service and a mode of delayed consumption of television programs. We also talk about TV rebroadcasting. This service requires access to an interactive network.
National TV channels typically exploit this feature through their digital networks and websites.
Here is our selection of the best online sites for you to watch and replay all the replays of your favourite shows from TV channels in France.

Watch TV in replay for free: Best free TV Replay websites to use

You probably didn’t know there are some good websites out there that can help you catch-up some of your favourite TV shows or programs. Below, we have listed some of the best just for you. So, read on and discover them, pick the best and have fun!

1: Replay


If you are a Cameroonian and in a french speaking region, you are therefore familiar with French TV channels. And if you have some TV programs you usually miss because you are usually at work during the broadcast, then Replay can fix thing for you.

All TNT, cable and satellite broadcasts are grouped together in a simple, free and user-friendly guide to easily find all the programs from the 47 channels offering streaming video on demand. No software to install, your browser is enough.

You have access to a rebroadcast of programs from TV channels like France 24, TMC, TFX, TF1, etc.

2: PlayTV – Watch TV live and in Replay or rebroadcast

Watch TV in replay for free : PlayTV

Another good website to get a catch-up of TV channel programs is PlayTV.

Watch both Live TV online for free as well as get a catch-up of your favourite programs you missed.

All the most popular French TV channels can be found here as well. Play TV is a French website which broadcasts live television channels.

3: France TV

France TV

France Tv is a platform that offers you a catch-up service, but also to watch your broadcasts live. its rich catalog offers a wide variety of programs.

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