The WhatsApp Omar Al-Azraq ob3whatsapp v29 application against the ban and hacker 2021 Whatsapp Omar blue differs from the WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi and the pink and red Omar WhatsApp WhatsApp in terms of color, although they all belong to the same developer Omar Badeeb, but WhatsApp versions of Omar each have some advantages that are unique to others, As for updating the WhatsApp Plus Omar program, it is free of charge and available whenever a telecharger is necessary.

Where the right-wing developer, Omar Badeeb Omar, is one of the most famous developers of the WhatsApp application at all. Knowing that there are similarities with WhatsApp Adam of the legendary developer, and WhatsApp Eve is also against the ban.

So, the application was named after WhatsApp Omar, where the application comes in three different versions that differ according to the application colors, there is the blue color for the WhatsApp Omar application, the blue OB3Whatsapp Omar, there is the burgundy for the burgundy application OBWhatsapp, and the pink for the pink application OB2Whatsapp.

Download WhatsApp Omar Blue ob3whatsapp v29 Omar

The WhatsApp Omar application is completely free and does not require fees to use it. It can be downloaded on a direct link that supports completion of approximately 40 MB of links below.

As for the steps to download and install the application on the device, it is very easy, you just have to click on the link, and after downloading you click on the word Install, and you will enjoy the presence of the application on your device such as Yo WhatsApp .

Features of the Blue Age WhatsApp application

Application carries whatsapp Plus the age of a wide range of features and shapes and brilliant colors and delightful application includes whasapp plus a large number of properties for example:

  • The ability to make a conference call to a large number of people at one time.
  • The ability to close the conversation by swiping to the left.
  • Increase the video time for the case to half an hour (30 minutes) after it was limited to 10 minutes only.
  • The ability to schedule messages similar to posts on Facebook.
  • Increase the level of security and privacy of the WhatsApp application .
  • Add a large group of professional and decorated fonts, so there is no need to download additional fonts.
  • Disable notifications in case of an audio message.
  • Multiple shapes for the main menu of 8 different shapes.
  • Additional protection against application blocking.
  • Contacts cannot delete your status in any way.
  • Add a store that contains many themes.
  • The presence of a floating button to control the application contains many shortcuts to the functions.
  • Activate vibration on the phone when an application message arrives.

Additional features in Watts Omar

The OBWhatsapp Omar app contains several other advantages that make it a favorite application for many users in the Arab world, such as:

  • The possibility of dividing the status video into multiple parts.
  • Control and decide who can contact you.
  • You can delete entire conversations on both sides of the conversation at the same time.
  • The possibility of holding multiple conversations simultaneously.
  • Through this application, you can easily find out which cases have been deleted.
  • You can count the number of times messages were forwarded.
  • Add many cheerful bubble shapes that add fun while having conversations.
  • Regular and regular updates to add more privacy and security to the application.
  • More stability in addition to the speed of sending and receiving messages.
  • Add many Facebook messages to Watts Omar .

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