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iPhone or iPad users are aware of the elegance and struggles of using an iPhone. While the iPhone or iPad is classiest of all, you cannot call it the most compatible kind of gadget. Resultantly, sometimes even the most basic utilities can’t function on an iPhone.

Fax from Your iPhone or iPad

While digital communication has taken over the world for the good, there are many ways your iPhone or iPad can help you. In addition to all the extensive communication support, you can also send faxes from iPhone.

So, you can send a fax from the palm of your hand through your iPhone. You will have no dependency or need of a fax machine. You won’t have a fax machine but you will have all the benefits if you have the right platform.

What is CocoFax?

CocoFax is a web app that makes virtual online faxing possible. You can instantly send faxes around the world without worrying about a single thing. Its flexibility and compatibility with multiple devices and functions make it better.

At the onset itself, you must know that there are many apps that provide such services. However, not all of them are as convenient and seamless as CocoFax. Just a few minutes post the subscription, your iPhone will become a full fledged fax machine.

You do not have to remotely connect to a fax machine or anything. You will have the capability of sending and receiving a fax almost instantaneously. You wouldn’t have to rely on the outdated fax machine.

CocoFax: Best Fax Option for your iPhone

In general, the iPhone has a lot of compatibility issues with many apps. This can lead to functional frustration in iPhone users. But, CocoFax is compatible with the iPhone in every possible way.

Amidst the competition, what makes CocoFax special, you may ask? Of all the good features, below are the reasons why CocoFax is the best:

a)  Best User Interface

Even if you are a first timer using an online faxing service, you will be at ease with CocoFax. As an online faxing service, its interface is elaborate and concise at the same time. You might try other alternatives, but none will feel as convenient such as CocoFax.

You can use the CocoFax dashboard or the application. Either ways, you will be ensuring a good interface and functional ease. There will be no risks of hitting the wrong tab as everything will be very well designed.

b)  Fax through Email on iPhone

We all have emails configured on our iPhones. It is because it enhances the scope of efficiency. You can check, send and receive emails with such mail apps meant for smartphones. You can also send and receive faxes from your email as a part and parcel of this configuration.

To be able to send email through iPhone, you need to have the email app configured on the phone. Once that is done, and a CocoFax subscription is in place, you can initiate with composing a ‘new message’.

In the recipient column, you just need to add the suffix at the end of the recipient fax number. For instance, for a fax number 123456, the email ID would be [email protected] That is it!

As for the attachable fax document, you can just attach the fax item as an attachment. You can attach .pdf, .docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .png and .jpg files as they are all compatible file kinds. Further, whatever format you attach in, it will only be received as a PDF file.

c) Best Translator Device

Fax machines function on an analogue telephonic mode and your iPhone works on a digital mode. CocoFax acts like a convertor or translator. Two fundamentally different kinds of devices can’t interact so CocoFax acts like the connecting link.

It converts the message type to the other desired format, that too in seconds. Almost instantaneously two device kinds can communicate efficiently.

d) Delivery Notifications

CocoFax enjoys a great success rate, but there are times when the delivery doesn’t happen. This is because of the times when fax numbers are entered incorrectly. There are also times when a fax is sent to the fax machine but the machine is off.

Irrespective of the delivery or non delivery, the sender will receive intimation. You don’t have to be in suspense whether your fax got delivered or not.

e) 30 Day Free Trial

A lot of online faxing services have their own sets of bells and whistles. Not all they claim is true and not all the service they provide is free. As opposed to its competitors, CocoFax provides a 30 day free trial of its service.

As a new user with apprehension, you can gauge and judge your compatibility with the app. If the app is compatible, you can go ahead and confirm your subscription. If you find the app to be incompatible, you can cancel the subscription within the trial period.

So, that’s a win-win either ways!

f) CocoFax Subscription

You can attain your CocoFax subscription in under 5 minutes. Registration and creating an account with CocoFax is so easy. It’s not time bound and very flexible. You can get up and start with your 30 day free trial immediately upon registration.

The other apps are actually quite complicated with features all spread out. One has to engage in a trial and video watching to understand how to fax. CocoFax is simple and straightforward. You wouldn’t need to even see a Demo to get used to fax from it.


Communication and maintaining a professional demeanor becomes easy with apps such as CocoFax. As a user of such apps, you will attain a lot of performance leverage. Faxes are the most effective and secure ways to communicate. They are not susceptible to any outward intrusion.

So, send fax from iPhone without a fax machine. Though fax machines have become dated but faxes continue to dominate corporate communication. This is why faxes turn out to be admissible and acceptable in many ways. Nevertheless, make it easy for people to Fax you!

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