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How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop Software on Your Device

Chrome Remote Desktop is an innovative remote control application developed by Google which enables a user to remotely manipulate another computer over a proprietary network/protocol, using a browser-based client-server technology. The Chromoting technology is responsible for Chrome Remote Desktop functionality. Basically, the Chrome

Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop software enables you to access your Chrome online desktop from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet. All you need is an internet connection (web-browser and if your using a USB device just plug it in). You may connect to multiple remote computers and use them as if they were your own.

There are two ways in which this chrome remote desktop software can be used. The first way is to simply login to another computer, using your own account. This is the easiest way and probably the most popular. This way you can easily access any important document/content that you have stored on another computer.

However, this functionality only works if you are connected to the same network as your host computer. If you are not connected to anyone then none of your work will be visible to someone else in the same room as you. This is where chromoswitching comes into play. With chromoswitching you can actually view your chromes on someone else’s computer even if you are not present physically there.

Chromoswitching is very useful for many different purposes, mostly business oriented. With the Chrome Remote Desktop software you can easily login to the web store, check out the latest products on offer or simply do simple tasks like browsing through their website. The Chrome Remote Desktop software basically acts as an interface between your local chrome browser and the web store.

Another use of the chrome remote desktop is to use it to access your email client. If you use the Gmail or Yahoo mail client on your android phone then you can easily get access to all your emails on your android phone without having to use your PC. This is extremely useful when you are traveling and need to check your imap messages or if you simply forgot to save an important message in your mail client.

For added functionality you can also use the chrome remote desktop to access your android locks. This will give you complete control over your android devices. You can lock / unlock the screen, change the PIN, select a different PIN, switch between PIN codes and passwords. The ultimate benefit of using this feature is that you can make sure that no one can enter your phone except you! It’s recommended that you use a pin code for your security needs.

The final and probably the most powerful feature of the chrome remote desktop software is that it can even access the secure lock screen on your smartphone. This gives you complete access to the contents of your smartphone. All your contacts, text messages, email addresses and even address book can be accessed remotely and you can do this without ever being at your smartphone. If you use your smartphone for business purposes then you will love being able to look up important business numbers, hold meetings, or even make sales calls to important customers. This remote access feature is perfect for those who need access to their phone’s settings.

The chrome remote desktop software can be installed into the USB port of your laptop or computer and will connect to your phone’s screen using a USB cable. You should always ensure that your computer is turned on before trying out any of the software. Once it is installed you should be able to use it from almost anywhere with your mobile device. It’s truly brilliant!

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