New Year Deals: 4 paid iPhone apps now free to download

Hello folks, it’s been pretty long since we last shared information on paid iPhone apps gone free. Today is the New Year and we thought it is worth sharing some iPhone app deals. Some of the apps we’ve shared long ago are still on sale, whereas most of them have returned to being paid. On this page today, you will find 4 paid iPhone apps now free to download. The app developers have made a price drop of up to 100%. So, without wasting much time, go through the apps and download one for yourself.

This post covers only iPhone apps sale. If you are looking for paid Android apps on sale, then kindly visit our Apps Sale section for APKs.

4 Paid iPhone apps now free

Spite & Malice HD – paid iPhone apps now free

[appbox appstore id365876767]

Spite & Malice HD: paid iPhone apps now free

App Description

Spite & Malice HD, the fiendishly addictive father of Skip-Bo™

The competition is heating up with online multiplayer! Play in real-time against friends or strangers and show them how devious you can be!

Race your opponent to play cards from your pile. Block your opponent when you can. Play now and unleash your inner Spite!

Awesome features

  • Play online against friends or strangers
  • Show you’re a pro by earning all 34 achievements
  • Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards
  • Single-player has four levels of deviousness (easy, medium, hard, and SPITEFUL)
  • Personalize your cards and background
  • Universal! Designed for iPhone and iPad.


[appbox appstore id385240071]

ParrotBall: 4 paid iPhone apps now free to download

ParrorBall App description

ParrotBalls rollover. Connect peers, attack enemies by jumping and go toward lower steps.

It’s a cute action game anyone can enjoy.

Various kinds of pretty ParrotBalls modelled on actual parrots will appear. Parrot lovers must watch!

Try to connect a lot! Can you gather 100 ParrotBalls?

Function and features

Basic Rules

  • Tilt to move left or right-tap the screen jump.
  • You can go down by swinging and rolling the ball.
  • You can beat enemies and get items by jumping with a tap.
  • Approaching to peer ParrotBalls, you can connect to them.

Take Care!

  • In NORMAL mode, watch for right and left holes and be careful not to fall in them!
  • Snakes, hedgehogs and ghosts are enemies. Avoid or climb on them from above. If you touch them, the game will be over!
  • Hearts keep reducing. Gather more so that you will not lose all.

And More

  • You can add points with apples or clovers. When it’s hard to get them, jump to hit the wall and bound.
  • You can make a pause by touching the clock right above. The game will suspend.
  • In NORMAL mode, the number of kinds of ParrotBalls is 44.
  • In EASY mode, the number of kinds of ParrotBalls is 5.

Env 3D: Augmented Worlds – Paid iPhone app now free!

[appbox appstore id577037255]

Env 3D: Augmented Worlds


Set up the world around you. Change the background by choosing from the collection. Add snow, leaves and other particles. Turn on Augmented Reality to combine the virtual world and the image from the device’s camera. Add pictures to the world. Take pictures and shoot videos of the resulting composition and share them.

Cosmic Atlas

[appbox appstore id1305522465]

Cosmic Atlas

App description

Visit 2,550+ lifelike exoplanets and navigate 180 trillion square light-years of the universe beyond our solar system. Featuring 6 modes of interstellar travel and examination, Cosmic Atlas is an open-world space exploration app for those who look up at the night sky and wonder what we may find in the infinite frontier of the universe.

Cosmic Atlas features

  • 120,000+ unique stars individually coloured to reflect their true appearance
  • 2,500+ exoplanets with stunning 3D artist renderings based on real-world data
  • Over 180 trillion square light-years of the Milky Way ready to explore at its true scale
  • Scientifically accurate star positions and luminosity to see the night sky from alien worlds
  • Pilot Mode with first-person flight controls and 5-speed levels
  • Orbit Mode to easily navigate systems and rotate or zoom in to examine planets
  • Navigator to find nearby systems and planets
  • Database to easily find new exoplanets, planetary systems, and stars
  • A data-rich information panel to learn about a given planet’s attributes, parent system, discovery method, and research program credited with its discovery
  • Flagging feature to add stars and planets to your private favourites list
  • A large collection of planets, moons, and dwarf planets to explore in our own Solar System


Using the latest exoplanet data from programs by NASA and the European Space Agency, Cosmic Atlas is a true-to-scale 3D environment where users can freely explore our small section Milky Way galaxy and examine thousands of newly discovered stars and exoplanets.

The latest planetary system data is collected from a number of public research programs, including the University of Puerto Rico’s Planetary Habitability Laboratory and the NASA Exoplanet Archive, which is operated by the California Institute of Technology, under contract with NASA under the Exoplanet Exploration Program.


Cosmic Atlas was built by two dreamers, space nerds, and longtime friends Dan and Max. What started as Dan’s passion project evolved into something much bigger and five years later, we’re excited to share our work with the world. We hope you enjoy using the app and we look forward to releasing more features that inspire your inner explorer and celebrate the incredible work of space research programs around the world.

What’s new

Major update! Cosmic Atlas is now free to download with a purchase option to unlock the complete planetary database and other premium features.

This update also includes a few bug fixes and 18 stunning new textures for our favourite terrestrial planetary systems including:

  • Proxima Centauri
  • Tau Ceti
  • V2306 Ophiuchi / Wolf 1061
  • Gliese 667C
  • Gliese 876
  • HIP 114622 / HD 219134


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