Download AMTEmu – Universal Adobe Patcher [2020]

Download AMTEmu – Universal Adobe Patcher [2020] from this page and use it to activate any Adobe products on your computer. Just like KMSPico os for the activation of Microsoft’s Windows 8/8.1 and 10 OS or Windows Loader by Daz, the AMTEmu or AMT Emulator is there to help you activate Adobe products for free.

This tool will come in handy for those who can’t afford to purchase a full-time license for any Adobe product after the 30-days grace period is over.

What is AMTEmu?

AMTEmu is a patcher developed by PainteR which allows you to activate any Adobe product for free. With this tool, you can activate Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver etc. The tool allows you to patch Adobe products by replacing the original Amtlib.dll with a patched Amtlib.dll. This way, it shows the Adobe server that it is the original file and the user has bought the license.

If you are being sceptical about this tool, not that it doesn’t spam or do anything which will harm your computer or even your Adobe Cloud account. AMTEmu just simply replaces the original files with the modified ones.

Features Of AMTEmu

Before you head on downloading this tool and using it, we thought it will be wise for us to tell you about some of its key features. Check them out below;

Activate Any Adobe Products

AMTEmu can activate any Adobe product. It even has support for Adobe 2018 and 2019 products as well.

No Tracking

You don’t need to worry about being tracked. This emulator has removed all those trackers who track your activations and activities. Which makes you anonymous from the Adobe Servers.

Get Updates

Using this activator doesn’t affect your updates. Since you are not being tracked, you will be able to update your Adobe products and even the Adobe creative cloud.

OS Supported

This activator has support for both Windows and macOS.

Life Time Activation

The developer of this tool guaranteed for the Life Time activation. You don’t need to activate it again and again after a specific time. It will be activated until you install a fresh Windows or Uninstall the Adobe Product.

Never Run In Background

It will never run or perform anything on your behalf. After activating when you close it, it will be closed and won’t run in the background. You can also check in Task Manager to get satisfied 😀

N-Bit Support

It supports both variants, no matter if you are using a 32bit version of Photoshop or 64bit. AMTEmu will activate both the products without having another activator.


This activator is completely Ads-free. This way, you won’t be bugged with annoying Ads as it is usually the case with some tools.

100% Free and secure

AMTEmu is completely free. You don’t need to purchase it to use it. And also, it is 100% secure and you will never get banned from the Adobe as this activator doesn’t send the statistics data to Adobe Servers.

Virus Free

It is scanned by the Virus Total and other online services and found there is no such virus included. On my website, you can download 100% virus-free and Trojans free.

Installation and usage

After you must have downloaded the AMTEmu Adobe Universal patcher from the download section below, you are then ready to use it.

The tool doesn’t require any installation as it is portable software. All you have to know is how to use it to activate your Adobe product.

Although this activator isn’t a virus, we will advise you to disable any Antivirus software installed before using it. Also, make sure you are not connected to the internet. After disabling your Antivirus software, proceed thus;

  • Download the activator from the link below
  • Extract it and run the AMTEmu.exe file. When it opens, from the main screen or dashboard, you can choose the Adobe products you wish to activate from the first dropdown menu. Selecting the Adobe product to activate, you will then be asked to locate the Amtlib.dll file.
  • You can find the Amtlib.dll file by navigating to Local Disk (C) > Program Files > Adobe on Windows X64 or Local Disk (C) > Program Files (32) > Adobe if you are using Windows X86.
AMTEmu | Universal Adobe Patcher
  • After locating and selecting the amtlib.dll file, hit the « patch » button and allow the tool to do the work.
  • Once the patching is done, your Adobe product will be activated.

Download AMTEmu – Universal Adobe Patcher Tool


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