Cameroonian journalist Cured of Coronavirus without being hospitalised

Cameroonian journalist Cured of Coronavirus without being hospitalized. The Journalist based in Franc, Landry Tchatchouang Director of Web Tv Media2africa, talks about how he got infected with the Coronavirus and the tricks he used to get healed.

And according to him, he isn’t a « survivor » even though he got healed from the pandemic which is killing thousands daily worldwide. For his part, he is one of the lucky ones among so many who have been cured without going to a hospital.

Landry Tchatchouang

« I see people suffering from other more serious illnesses. The day they heal, it must be said that they are saved from hell. I say this to ward off and chase away the panic and psychosis that takes hold of healthy people. I am very delighted and proud to be back in shape after this tumultuous period of my life. I give thanks to God who through my ancestors granted me healing ”

According to him, he catches the disease while shopping in Paris just after the announcement of confinement. Owing to the l strong urges he felt twice in his heart, he suspected he mush have contacted the disease. And things got clearer when he started to feel headache and fever after 2 days, with the temperature of 38 °C and 40 °C. Early symptoms sound like pollen allergy, tickling and throat irritation, chills, and mild headache.

Cured of coronavirus without being hospitalized, Landry Tchatchouang gives the tips that saved his life. And according to his report, he got healed taking local treatment which his termed « a grandmother’s solution »

Landry Tchatchouang

« I consumed from the start a mixture of ingredients like garlic, hot gingers, honey and lemon. I drank this composition morning, noon, evening. I also made steam baths based on Menthol and « Small No Be Sick », which is a balm with many virtues especially, very used in our villages in Cameroon. I also did inhalation sessions « 


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