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Canva Pro 30 Day Free Trial Generator Bot (100% Working)

This is a script that allows you to create1 month of Canva pro account without any hassle.
This is absolutely free so you don’t have to pay me anything, download and use it.

What is Canava pro bot and how it does work?

Canva pro bot is a pre-made program for creating a free trial account. If you use this bot, you can make your own free trial account. You can create a free canva account using the bin method also as well. Anyway, I’ll show the step-by-step process to create a free canva pro account utilizing the bot.

Requirements for Canva Pro Bot

  1. Windows pc
  2. A working Internet connection
  3. Python
  4. Fast Indian IP

How to Use Canva pro Bot?

  1. Download this zip and extract in to your pc. Link 
  2. Install Python in your pc.
  3. Open CMD in same folder where you extract zip.
  4. Run this command in cmd “py main.py” without “
  5. Automatically starts bot and complete the whole process itself


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