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Download WhatsApp Omar Badib, OBWhatsApp V28 Anti ban 2023

Download WhatsApp Omar Badib, version 28 of whatsapp omar badib, the new latest security update against hackers and the ban 2023 OBWhatsApp Download WhatsApp Omar golden, red, blue, burgundy, pink, red and green

“WhatsApp Omar” comes with the feature of cutting off the internet, reading the Qur’an, new Facebook posts, masking appearances, and other features such as you can activate two numbers and can switch to the WhatsApp Plus 2014 interface, and other features are telecharger OB3WhatsApp.

Links to download WhatsApp Omar blue and pink and also WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi without banning whatsapp omar with a direct link to the latest version at the bottom according to the color of the version you want, knowing that the copies work until the end of 2020, and differs from the official WhatsApp in many important features that interest the user.

About WhatsApp Omar against the ban

WhatsApp Plus is considered one of the lighter versions, developed and modified, as it has many developers, and from these developed versions there is a copy of WhatsApp Abu Saddam and Abu Omar, as well as the gold and red WhatsApp version , but the best version is the developer Omar Badeeb’s version in blue, green, burgundy and pink Without banning, as the ban problem has been overcome in copying WhatsApp, the last modified version, as the developer updates it constantly whenever the need arises, for more: Wikipedia .

Is WhatsApp Omar safe?

Yes, WhatsApp Omar is completely safe in all respects, as the application was checked with anti-virus programs and all the codes were verified, and the developer Omar Baadeeb Omar is one of the most famous Arab developers and has many contributions to applications including WhatsApp Omar whatsapp omar, see more about the safety of WhatsApp Omar

Features of OB WhatsApp Omar

  • The copy is against the ban and hacker and works until the beginning of 2023.
  • More protection against the ban has been added.
  • The feature of cutting off the internet from the application
  • Re-add animated effects feature
  • Re-add the backgrounds feature in WhatsApp.
  • Activate conference calls for several people.
  • Re-add multiple chats option.
  • Re-add the option to delete messages from both sides.
  • Add the option to drag to the left to close the chat.
  • Add the option to prevent the deletion of cases from you (no one can delete his case from you).
  • Add an option to see deleted cases (🚫 next to time) !.
  • Add an option that enables you to lock WhatsApp with fingerprint-pattern-password.
  • Add an option that enables you to lock a specific conversation with fingerprint-pattern-password.
  • Re-add an option to choose an image in the conversations-cases-calls screen
  • Add the ability to hide media from the gallery.
  • Add a new OB2WhatsApp theme store.
  • Re-add old visas.
  • New design for WhatsApp theme store.
  • Add new bubble shapes.
  • Add new health forms.
  • Add modifications to the floating button.
  • The ability to add stickers from any sticker application in the Play Store.
  • You can arrange display of messages by oldest or newest after viewing messages sent by anyone in the group.
  • Add new lines on WhatsApp Omar Badeeb.
  • Add new icons.
  • Add an option to disable the opening of hidden conversations after pressing the word WhatsApp.
  • You can pin 30 conversations instead of 25.
  • Added confirmation window when calling someone from within the group.
  • Fix not to hide the Auto Text icon.
  • Fix forced blocking I have to choose more than one person in the list of automatic reply and scheduled messages.
  • Fixed the option to change the language in the version of Oreo and higher.
  • Fix the appearance of the sent messages display window after clicking on Show more in group information.
  • Add an option in the main conversation screen that enables you to read the Holy Quran, remembrance, praise and others (experimental option works on the Internet)
  • Adding the new faces in the WhatsApp Plus Omar application.
  • Updating the market version 2.19.17.
  • Re-add multiple chats option.
  • Fixed the problem of heavy and slow sending and receiving of messages.
  • Re-add the option to display my name, status and number instead of the word WhatsApp .
  • Wallpaper feature fixes and improvements.
  • Fix adding stickers from Google Play.
  • Improving the animated effects feature and adding new shapes and features.
  • Add application cases stats within WhatsApp, hjs hf.
  • You can make a conference call what groups members are.
  • If you select a message sent in the group, you can reply to its sender individually in the private.
  • Fix the crash when trying to search for themes.
  • Other fixes in WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi , hjshf fgs


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