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Download WhatsApp Red Penguin BT4whatsapp 2023

Download the bt4whatsapp red penguin WhatsApp update for those who do not know what WhatsApp Penguin 2023 is a different and new version of the original WhatsApp, but in Arabic and has different and attractive features.

Including features such as playing the Quran with the voice of different readers and the ability to activate the call to prayer WhatsApp New bt4whatsapp in addition to all the main features of the WhatsApp application, it contains other unique features that we mention in this topic titled Download the WhatsApp update Red Penguin against the ban, we provided you two versions From the WhatsApp Penguin application, namely WhatsApp the red penguin and WhatsApp bt4whatsapp blue.

Download method, installation method, direct link to download BT4whatsapp the red penguin in its new look, now WhatsApp Red Penguin has returned with a new form, you can activate the transparent mode, night mode and a lot of renewed themes.

WhatsApp Golden Penguin is one of the most used applications in terms of its features that are not found in other applications that support Android and iPhone, and WhatsApp Red Penguin is the latest version that can send different media of audios or videos in a size larger than the regular green WhatsApp.

As you know, it is more widespread and famous for its many features such as hiding the appearance, hiding the viewing of messages, and WhatsApp Red Penguin enables you to place text cases in larger letters more than green WhatsApp, where you can put 250 characters instead of 139, this is the first feature of the new features so that you can take Your comfort in writing.

You can WhatsApp Penguin C t of encoding each chat alone to enjoy greater privacy than the normal green Alwatsab.

WhatsApp Red Penguin enables you to know who opened your profile or the connected people.

You can see who has tagged you in a group and puts an @ sign for you in front of the group

In the normal green WhatsApp, you cannot place a status for more than 30 seconds, but WhatsApp Red Penguin has allowed you to add a status that may reach seven minutes.

Red WhatsApp Plus has provided you with many new features, the most important of which is that this copy is against the ban and very safe

You can retrieve the message after deleting it and you can also prevent deleting messages, you can copy any part of the texts, the feature of saving the last reading place so that you can return to the point where you stopped reading

WhatsApp Red Penguin allows you to download stickers from any store you want, and WhatsApp Red Penguin has a distinctive feature, which is uploading cases

Supports viewing photos and videos while you download them

Helps you send scheduled messages.

WhatsApp Red Penguin supports stopping the Internet (flight mode) on the WhatsApp application only, and you can activate sending automatic reply messages to incoming messages when you are busy, this WhatsApp gives you to select and copy texts and also you can copy the news of your contacts or any contact, whether It was saved to you or not and re-used or published …

It also has a conference calling feature provided for you.

Supports large videos, up to 30 MB.

If you are a new user of WhatsApp, follow me how to use it in the following explanation.

Dear reader, if you used the browsing site that is not on your device, meaning the browser you downloaded, you will face some problems when you download WhatsApp Penguin, the device will send you a notification that you cannot install this application from this source for safety purposes.

And to continue the download process from this browser, go to settings, then to application permissions, click on allow installation of this application, and the installation will be done without any problems.

But if you are new to the WhatsApp market, here’s what you should do.

First, install the application as I explained above.
And then open an application, register on WhatsApp, the Red Penguin, and add the key of the country in which you reside.
Second, add your number in the next field next to the country key.
Then choose your defined name as well as a picture for your profile and press OK.
It will automatically switch to chats.
If you do not know how to access the WhatsApp modifications.
Click on the menu and then go to privacy.
There you can view the full features of WhatsApp, the Red Penguin.

Download and install the new Red Penguin WhatsApp, you will receive the following features:

  • Attractive appearance and easy to use.
  • The ability to choose the background of the conversation from among hundreds of images.
  • Various and attractive features.
  • Animated stickers.
  • Multi-user group chats.
  • Ability to delete WhatsApp messages for both sides of the conversation.
  • Ability to categorize contacts in favorites tab.
  • Islamic backgrounds.
    It contains verses from the Holy Quran, hadiths and stories of clerics.
  • The possibility of changing color.
  • He mentioned the day of the week.
  • Today’s important news in Arabic.
    Program failure evidence.

New WhatsApp Red Penguin features for 2023 – BT4whatsapp:

Added option to prevent files and media from being deleted in your phone’s gallery.

  • Ability to view deleted items with deletion time.
  • The ability to lock the application with a fingerprint or number.
  • The ability to hide the desired contact by fingerprint or encryption of the number.
  • The ability to leave the picture in the background of the conversation, status and calls.

Additional features of the application of WhatsApp Red Penguin 2023 latest version against the ban:

  • Ability to hide media sent from others.
  • Contains a new store of various features.
  • Ability to download old versions of WhatsApp BT4Whatsapp.
  • Home page add a new template for Whatsapp Penguin.
  • Added changes to the floating button.
  • The ability to add, create a poster from other social media.
  • The ability to merge messages sent in WhatsApp by people in the group based on the oldest and most recent.
  • Fonts types in the new version.
  • Ability to exit the secret chatting mode easily.
  • Instead of 25 conversations you can pin 100 conversations.
  • When calling someone from within the group, add a confirmation window.
  • After clicking Show more info in group, adjust the window’s appearance to show sent messages.
  • Adding an option on the main conversation page that enables you to read the Holy Quran, remembrance, praise and others.
  • Add an option to display my name, status and number at the top of the Penguin app instead of WhatsApp Plus.
  • Improved mobile effects feature and added new shapes and features.
  • As a group member, you can make a conference call.
  • If you select the sent message in the group, you can reply to the sender separately in the private sector.
  • And more features in WhatsApp, the Red Penguin, BT4whatsapp latest version.
    You can now download the new version of WhatsApp Plus Penguin in red color – BT4whatsapp, which is WhatsApp for Arabic languages ​​for free, with a direct link from the bottom of the topic.

Fix « Error-24 » WhatsApp Penguin errors

One of the most common errors that appear when installing WhatsApp Penguin is related to an error called WhatsApp Error-24, and in fact it is an error in updating the store, but although the problem has been solved in the 2023 update of the Penguin, we would like to mention the error and the solution with an unknown error code issue during the installation App 24 while installing WhatsApp on Android 4.4 appears KitKat to learn how to fix this error, if you are interested, follow this article with us.

First of all, let’s mention that this error only occurs on Android devices equipped with KitKat 4.4 operating system. Therefore, this error is specific to Android KitKat system. The main cause of this error is directly related to Google’s new runtime system, called ART or Android RunTime! Google introduced ART KitKat in Android 4.4 as an alternative to Dalvik, which causes the WhatsApp-24 error code to appear while installing WhatsApp Penguin on some Android 4.4 devices.

Ways to fix unknown error code -24

To fix WhatsApp Error -24 Unknown Error Code Error, you can use several different solutions, each of which requires certain conditions that may not be present in your device. These solutions are as follows:

Operating system update: As mentioned, the Red Penguin WhatsApp error code 24-24 is unknown is related to the Android KitKat system and is not a problem and WhatsApp Penguin app is therefore Google fixed this error in Android 4.4.1 so it is one of the best ways in which you can fix the error WhatsApp -24 Unknown error code is updating your device’s Android OS.

Using Clean Master : Some users have claimed that using Clean Master to delete all unwanted files through it has solved the problem of installing Penguin WhatsApp on their device and the error « Unknown error code …… -24 ».

Delete a penguin WhatsApp data folder: Another way to get rid of the « unknown error code …… -24 » error is to delete the / data / data folder Unfortunately, your device must be rooted in order to access and delete this folder so, you will not be able to do Doing so on non-rooted devices.

Factory Reset Device: Another specific method that can solve the current issue is related to factory reset Android device.

Here is the direct link to download the latest version of the red WhatsApp


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