Easy Way To Fix Showbox ‘Cannot Play Video’ and ‘Server Not Available’ On Android

[Easy Way To Fix Showbox ‘Cannot Play Video’ and ‘Server Not Available’ On Android]The Showbox is a well-known app for movie streaming apps and is easy for the user interface and seamless navigation. The Showbox app will provide the functionality to make it easy and free for your audience. Showbox gives errors when working on phones. And get caught up in the online streaming process using a variety of issues found using the Showbox app.

How Showbox Work

Let’s take a look at how an app same Showbox works. Is there a website with thousands of pirated video streams and does the Showbox app know where it is? No, for certain shows or films, the application can draw only one source. Instead, most of the time, the app works on a peer-to-peer model, just like the torch path.

The Showbox app shares downloads and distribution of various video files that your users leave behind the scenes. This allows the user to customize playback for any movie or TV show and, after a brief period of buffering, the show will start playing.

It would be too small to explain things that cannot go wrong. Copyright partners are struggling to decrease the amount of illegal content, particularly for the latest films or blockbusters. The absence of a particular real development team with the power to enforce code standards means that the consumer version can have all varieties of queries.

The Showbox clients usually go viral to get their bad code on thousands of phones throughout the world through unlicensed developers. Because of these matters and several other things, Showbox can just be granted a permanent application. Not using an app like Showbox can cause problems with your ISP, but that’s a different story.

Showbox Not Working On My Android?

Using a non-volatile application such as a Showbox can do a lot of harm. While we cannot resolve all of the issues you have encountered using this app, we have helped find solutions to some of the most common issues reported by Showbox users.

The first thing to try is to restart the phone, with virtually all of the errors you’ll find on an Android smartphone or tablet. Restarting the Android device is very quick and will immediately remove any memory problems or errors in the configuration that may generate error messages. Even if restarting the phone does not solve your problems. It puts your phone in a clean state in which to try other fixes in this article.

Why is Showbox Not Working?

Before we look for the issues within the app and resolve it, we have to look for whether your Showbox app is running or not.

If your Showbox app is already up and running, you don’t have to think about this… so you can skip to the next section.

But, if you’re unable to access the Showbox app, keep reading!

There can be a lot of reasons due to which Showbox doesn’t work as a stable app. However, we have concluded some of the reasons why you encounter such issues.

  • Server Down: If the servers are down or inaccessible, then the Showbox app will not work properly on your device. This situation can occur due to the backend servers being down.
  • Corrupt Cache: Applications store information on the Android’s cache and frequently access whenever there’s a need. The application will be crashed if the cache data is corrupt.
  • Outdated App: Showbox is an app which receives updates from developers on a regular basis to fix the issues. So, you need to check and update your app for a smooth experience.
  • Corrupt App Files: As we discussed earlier, the Showbox app cannot be downloaded from the Play Store, so you have to install it from a third-party source. Most of the time, installation files are corrupt with the user data, in that case, the app will not work on your device.
  • Access Blocked: Several countries have blocked the usage of Showbox, so your ISP will block the requests from the backend. In such a case, you need to run a VPN on your device.

As we mentioned, there are various reasons due to which your Showbox app is not working.

But, have you ever wondered about the issues that come across while watching the videos on Showbox?

In this section, we will discuss those issues and how you can resolve them.

But, firstly, we will see the solution that mostly works for common issues reported by Showbox users.

Restart your Phone

Either it’s a Showbox’s error or any other, many times the issue resolved by simply restarting the phone.

Restarting a phone takes less than five minutes, while it can resolve many issues, such as configuration problems and memory glitches.

If it doesn’t fix the errors, keep reading!

Showbox ‘Cannot Play Video’ Error

If you’re a user who just started using the Showbox, then you must have encountered the ‘cannot play video’ error.

This error occurs because Showbox supports several video file formats, but it relies on a single video player to stream the content.

So, if you have installed a player that does not support the file which you want to play, then you will see an error something like ‘cannot play video’.

To fix this problem, you need to install a different video player that supports the selected file format.

MX Player is one of the best video players out there which supports a large number of video file formats and plays smoothly with the Showbox.


If you’re still facing problems after downloading MX Player, then we will suggest installing VLC Player, which is another popular video player among Android users.


You might be thinking, “How to integrate downloaded video players with Showbox?”

You don’t have to integrate it because whenever you install a new video player, Showbox automatically recognizes it.

Note: Download and install a video player, then restart your Android device. When you open the Showbox app, you can view the option of streaming movies through the installed video player.

Showbox ‘Server Not Available’ Error

The next common error is ‘server not available’. Many Showbox users reported to us that they are experiencing the error due to the app not being able to find a server online.

But, that’s not true! The ‘server not available’ error occurs because there’s a problem in your Showbox app’s cache memory.

To fix this error, you have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Firstly, close the app and if possible, ‘Force Stop’ the app from phone settings.

Step 2: Go to Settings > App Manager and select the Showbox App.

Step 3: Choose ‘Storage’ and click on ‘Clear Data’.

Step 4: Once the process is completed, click on the ‘Clear Cache’.

Step 5: Open the Showbox app again.

Now, you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows on the Showbox app without any errors.

If clearing the cache doesn’t work for you, then you should try to update or reinstall the app. Sometimes, you’ll see the updates in the notification bar, otherwise, you need to update the app manually.

Wrapping Up

Showbox has an intuitive interface which works incredibly well compared to other streaming apps. You can watch the latest and popular movies, TV shows, series and access to a huge range of other content.

In this article, we have discussed a couple of errors while using Showbox, although you’ll encounter those issues occasionally.

We only support content streaming from legitimate sources. So, if you are trying to stream videos from pirated sites, then we are not responsible.

Have you ever faced the ‘Cannot Play Video’ and ‘Server Not Available’ errors? How did you rectify the issue? Do tell us in the comment section below.


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