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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 gets Android 10 and One UI 2.1

Updates may have always taken longer to arrive on most Samsung devices, but that isn’t the case with Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy Tab S6 which was released a couple of months back in 2019. Just after about half a year of its release, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 gets Android 10 and One UI 2.1. Galaxy Tab S6 users can now update to Android 10 and enjoy all the new features and bug fixes.

Also, these new updates for the Galaxy Tab S6 come with security patch update, bringing it to the latest April 2020 security patch.

Galaxy Tab S6 gets Android 10 and One UI 2.1 – Android 10 features

Android 10 updates have some awesome new features not found on the Android 9. And some of these best new features include;

  • The Gesture navigation which allows you taps and swipes to move between apps and go back to your home screen, instead of relying on Android’s traditional button navigation
  • The WiFi QR Code scanning option. With this, you can create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network or scan a QR code to join a Wi-Fi network from the device’s Wi-Fi settings.
  • Apps location control
  • Enhanced privacy and better notification control, as well as live caption.
  • The system-wide dark mode.

The One UI 2.1

And for the one UI 2.1 which was first spotted on the Galaxy S20 and Z flip. Now The Galaxy Tab S6 is getting this UI update. Samsung has been improving the UI of their recent flagship devices over these recent years, moving from the old-style TouchWiz to UX now known as the One UI.

And as for What to expect as major changes with the new UI, we have the 120Hz refresh support with more fluid animations. There is also a major improvement to its native keyboard and the sharing experience to make the UI easier to use and type on. It has also added some very useful new features in addition to improving the multimedia experience.

Furthermore, smooth scrolling with crisp web content with no lags is one of the most loved features.


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