Watch Handsome Siblings: Best Chinese TV Show on Netflix this 2023

Looking for the best Chinese TV Shows to keep you company during this Coronavirus lockdown? Then you’ve come to the right place. Check out Handsome Siblings: Best Chinese TV Show on Netflix this 2023

Watching TV Shows and movies is one of the best ways to kill boredom and keep oneself entertained. And we’ve gone through a list of popular Chinese TV Shows and picked out the very best just for you.

Find out more about Handsome Siblings and enjoy a fantasy Love story of two twin brothers who make their way through hash moments in the martial art world to overcome a conspiracy which originated after their birth. 5 Best Chinese TV Shows to Watch on Netflix.

Handsome Siblings – The Plot

Handsome Siblings

Handsome Siblings is a Chinese martial Art TV Shows now available on Netflix. The first episode was released on Jan 16 2020 and the last episode was available on the 27 of Feb 2020.

The TV Show is a 44-episode fantasy that revolves around two twin brothers who got separated at birth because of a feud between two powerful martial artists and raised by opposing sides. Their father Jian Feng was injured by chance and saved by two sisters; Yaoyue and Lianxing, masters of the Palace of Passing Flowers (Yihua Palace).

The two martial art sisters both fell in love with Jian Fend, but unfortunately for them, he instead was in love with one of their palace maids Yuenu and they couldn’t take it.

Feng and Yuenu are forced to flee from Yihua Palace after Yuenu becomes pregnant with Jiang’s child but are betrayed by Feng’s servant Jiang Qin. Jiang Qin alerts a group of bandits to the couple’s route, and the bandits attack just as Yuenu is giving birth to a pair of twin boys. Yuenu took her life at the demand of the sisters of the Yihua Place and Jiang Feng also decided to take his life.


Yaoyue couldn’t forgive Jian Feng

Yaoyue refuses to forgive Jiang Feng for rejecting her love and vows to take her revenge by making his two sons destroy each other.

The sisters adopt one of the boys as their own and abandon the other, who is rescued by Yan Nantian, Jiang Feng’s sworn brother and generally regarded as the most powerful martial artist of the time.

One of the two brothers in the Wicked Canyon

Only the Palace Sister knew Yuenu gave birth to twins. So, Yan unaware of the situation takes the second with him as he pursues Jiang Qin into the wicked Canyon, a remote settlement populated entirely by criminals.

There he encounters five of the notorious Ten Great Villains, ten martial artists who have been outlawed for atrocities including murder and cannibalism, and defeats them easily in open battle. Before he can find Jiang Qin, however, he is tricked into lowering his guard, poisoned and captured.

The villains torture him until he loses consciousness, but refrain from harming the second boy and instead decide to raise the child as their apprentice and groom him to become the greatest villain in history. Nantian, meanwhile, is kept alive by the ministrations of Wan Chunliu, a physician who has concealed himself in the valley, under the pretence of using the unconscious Nantian as a test subject for medical experiments.

Hua Wuque & Xiaoyu’er, the Handsome Siblings are now grown up!

It’s now 18 years since the death of their parents and Yaoyue and Lianxing name the boy they raised « Hua Wuque » (Flawless Flower), and teach him manners, refinement and the elegantly lethal martial arts style of Yihua Palace, raising him to be the perfect embodiment of a Confucian gentleman. The other boy,


On the other hand, the second boy who was taken into the Wicked Canyon, Xiaoyu’er (Little Fish), is trained by the Ten Great Villains. He is now full grown-up and owing to all the teachings from the Ten Great Villains, is considered the smartest person on earth. He has inherited the tricky nature of the Villains who raised him up. But not a heartless person as he would normally make people think.


Xiaoyu’er heads out into the world alone, and relying on his combination of wits and some martial arts training, gets himself into and out of a series of adventures, in the course of which he becomes embroiled in complicated romantic relationships with a number of female martial artists such as Tie Xinlan, Murong Jiu, Su Ying and Zhang Jing.

Hua Wuque sets out to kill Xiaoyu’er his twin brother

Handsome siblings

While Xiaoyu’er is busy raising mischief, Yaoyue sends Hua Wuque to kill Xiaoyu’er, under the pretence that Xiaoyu’er is a dangerous threat. Against the backdrop of various escapades, they come to blows several times. Each encounter follows the same pattern: though Hua Wuque’s martial arts powers are far greater than Xiaoyu’er’s, the latter always manages to survive by using his wits to escape.

The twins are initially hostile towards one another and have wildly different personalities; Hua Wuque is righteous and intelligent but naive, while Xiaoyu’er is expedient, streetwise and cunning. However, the two of them develop a mutual friendship and respect after braving danger together. At the same time, they become entangled in a love triangle with the young martial artist Tie Xinlan.

The truth is out!

Yaoyue is determined to make the twins fight to the death and ultimately forces Hua Wuque to challenge Xiaoyu’er to mortal combat. Xiaoyu’er is seemingly killed by Wuque during the duel, after which Yaoyue exposes her true intentions to Wuque and tells him about her plan to make their father pay the ultimate price for scorning her.

Wuque is horrified when he hears this and shocked to learn that Xiaoyu’er is actually his twin brother. However, Xiaoyu’er reveals that he had one last trick to play – he had feigned his death earlier by consuming a special drug. The twins finally recognise and acknowledge each other as brothers, defeating the plan of the Palace of Passing Flowers and ending the story happily.


Watch Handsome Siblings on Netflix

Handsome Siblings

Twin brothers separated in their youth grow into martial arts masters without knowing of the other’s existence, all while a conspiracy threatens their world.
Starring: Hu YitianChen ZheyuanLiang Jie
Genres: Fantasy TV ShowsTV Shows Based on BooksChinese TV Shows
This show is: EmotionalExciting

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