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Here is how to get the dark mode for WhatsApp Desktop

Dark mode for WhatsApp Desktop: The « dark mode » has been the talk of the day in most tech forums as well as websites. As regards WhatsApp, there have been rumours about how WhatsApp is working hard to implement the dark mode.

So, how will it look like? We have already experienced the look and feel of the dark mode in apps like Telegram. But what if there is a way to experience the dark mode for WhatsApp already?

Although not yet officially released, you can get the dark mode for WhatsApp Desktop. This isn’t the official version of the WhatsApp desktop dark mode though, but we bet you will like it.

About this dark theme

WhatsApp desktop dark mode
Image credit: m4heshd

As earlier said, this isn’t the official version. It is a dark mode is made by m4heshd. You can find more info about the source code behind the WhatsApp Desktop dark mode software here. The mod is simply a tweak for WhatsApp Desktop Official version which makes it look awesomely dark.

m4heshd: Developer

« Please note that this script won’t work with Microsoft store or App store version of WhatsApp desktop. »

That said, it simply implies you will need to download the Official WhatsApp Desktop App from the WhatsApp website in order to use this tweak. Also, the good news about the tweak is that it is available for both Windows and macOS users.

Download from GitHub

How to get the dark mode for WhatsApp Desktop working

First of all, make sure you have already WhatsApp Desktop installed and running. Then follow the steps below:

  • Download and extract the dark mode software for your respective platform from the link above.
  • Next, run the WADark.exe or WADark from the folder where you extracted the zip file.
  • It will then initialise the installation process. You will get a message which reads « Wait for the application to kill WhatsApp and start the process…« .
Installing 1
  • Just hold on when you get the above message from the command window that pops up. At one moment, you might see « Unable to kill WhatsApp. Please close WhatsApp manually ». Just ignore it and wait.
Installing  2
  • After a couple of minutes, the application will tweak the WhatsApp Desktop and install the dark mode option then restarts.
  • You will now have a dark mode enabled for WhatsApp Desktop similar to that of Telegram desktop. You can as well choose to toggle it off from the button at the top-left.
WhatsApp Desktop dark mode
WhatsApp desktop dark mode for Windows

The procedure for Windows and macOS users is the same. After installation, you will have the following view if you are a macOS user.

macOS WhatsApp dark theme
Image credit: m4heshd

The bottom line

Thanks to this application, WhatsApp users can experience how the coming dark mode will look like. So, while waiting for Facebook to implement it on their instant messaging app WhatsApp, this dark mode tweak is the only way you can get WhatsApp dark mode for PC. If you would like to experience the dark mode on WhatsApp web, then consider reading this guide from 237 Solution.


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