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How to Create FREE Edu Email in 2023 [100% Working]

Are you searching for How to create a FREE Edu email? Well, if you want it, then you’re in a perfect place. As soon as you enroll in any college or university, they’ll provide you with a customized .edu email address from the University for All the Official Mails. United States universities or institutions mostly issue it to their students.

But, if you’re not a student or your educational institution won’t provide you, then we’re here to guide you How to Create Free Edu Email. When you get .edu email for free, there are many advantages from student discounts to standardized mail. Before digging any further, let’s go to learn more about Edu mail.

Free edu email
Free edu email

Edu Email Address

Just like any other email address, Edu’s email is also an email address. The Edu email address has an extension “.edu.” This is the format of the Edu email address “[email protected]” The Edu email is similar to other email addresses like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. and you can’t change your .Edu Email Address name after it is created. So, you should be careful while choosing your email.

Why you receive this email from the institutes is because the students now can receive all the official emails from college administration, professors, dean, and regarding educational institution’s activities. Not only the students, but some universities also provide .edu email to their workers so they can take advantage of it.

Edu email is one of the best email extension to which several Company provides offer and free services. These emails are provided only by college and university or educational institutions to their students.

A .edu email not only assists you to get the information from the college administration, but it also serves as a means to get free access to the free services only available to students.

email accounts free
email accounts free

Benefits of Edu Email Address

  • Student discounts on BestBuy.
  • Special Student discount for Spotify Premium.
  • Student discounts on iTunes purchases
  • Six months free subscription for Free Pass.
  • A Six Months free subscription to Amazon Prime.
  • A 50% discount offer on Adobe Acrobat Cloud.
  • Free access to GitHub Students pack.
  • Discounts on Microsoft Student accounts.
  • Free subscription for most software’s on AutoDesk. This includes CAD/CAM.
  • Google Drive offers a free unlimited subscription and other additional advantages for the .EDU email address.
  • The edu email address also permits you to opt for discount offers from several Anti-Virus service providers.
how can i create a free email account
how can i create a free email account


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