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Why Do Video Thumbnails Matter a Lot? – How to Design: You may have heard the phrase “First Impression is the last impression!” countless times, and it is true. People tend to judge a person, object, or business on the basis of its first impression. Even the read-worthiness of books is judged on the basis of their covers that are designed to provide the audience with the first impression about those books. While many people still like to read books to learn new concepts, videos have become an instant way for many people to kill their time, entertain themselves, and learn new things.

Just like the covers of books, thumbnails of videos are used to give the targeted audience an idea about the content featured in the video and entice them to watch a video. Thumbnails, in simple terms, can be defined as still images that serve the purpose of giving a brief preview of the video. They work quite similarly to the starting phrases of blogs that work as hooks and grab the attention of the targeted audience to make them read what’s next. Thumbnails being an image are used to highlight some stand-out parts in the videos with the help of text and visuals.

Thumbnails of videos posted online matter a lot these days. Do you want to know the reasons behind the importance of thumbnails and the ways to design compelling thumbnails? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will share some valuable information regarding the importance of video thumbnails and methods to design captivating thumbnails in this article. Read on to know more.

What are the Reasons Behind the Importance of Video Thumbnails?

Here, we will discuss a few important reasons that are sure to reflect how important thumbnails are for videos that are posted on video streaming platforms. Further details are given below:

Visible in Search Results

The first thing you need to understand is people don’t search for videos on streaming platforms only. The biggest search source for them is Google, and they often turn to Google search to find the videos they are interested in. If you have a thumbnail of your video with an informative description and properly adjusted keywords, then your video thumbnail is likely to show up on search results.

It can even find its place in snippets because Google and other search engines try to come up with as much information as possible in one place through snippets. If you have done the thumbnail, description, and tags rightly, your video is likely to show up in the search results, giving your streaming channel or website more exposure.

Thumbnails can Act as Conversion Boosters

As yourself a question, whenever you upload a video on YouTube or any other streaming platform, what is your main goal? You would obviously answer the objective behind uploading a video is to get as many views as possible. This is only possible when you intrigue people to watch your video. How can you urge them to watch your video and get an increased video conversion rate?

The answer you are thinking is right, thumbnail is going to be an effective tool for you. All you need to do is show some creativity while creating that thumbnail. An image featuring a title written in a fancy font and a contrasting background won’t do the trick. You need to come up with creativity, include a question statement in your video thumbnail, and a few images to entice the audience.

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Thumbnails Ensure a Professional Look

While many people still upload videos without thumbnails on video streaming platforms, it is observed that the majority of viewers ignore such videos. The audience who comes to those video streaming platforms wants to have a prior idea about the content of videos. The presence of thumbnails allows them to know what they are likely to see in the video. However, some people scam the audience by using click baits but generally, thumbnails are there to provide the audience with essential information about the video.

Thumbnails also help you build a professional look for your video streaming channel. Whether you are a vlogger, online tutor, gamer, or comedian, the audience is going to appreciate your professionalism because of the thumbnails that you have put on your videos. Moreover, thumbnails are an effective way to enhance the user experience on your streaming channel or website.

How to Make Compelling Thumbnails for Videos?

Why Do Video Thumbnails Matter a Lot? - How to Design

Now that you know how important thumbnails are for videos. It is essential to learn how to create captivating thumbnails that are capable of capturing the attention of the audience. There are two common ways to do it, read on to learn more about both these methods.

Use Design Tools

The conventional method of making thumbnails is using design tools. You can do it yourself or you can hire the services of a seasoned graphic designer for this purpose. This method allows you to create thumbnails that are as custom as possible. However, the problem is this method can consume a lot of time.

You have to pay proper attention to details while designing a thumbnail for your video, which means you have to put a lot of effort into making thumbnails for your videos. Additionally, getting thumbnails designed by a seasoned graphic designer for your videos will cost you a significant amount of money as well. Hence, you need to look for a simple and cost-effective method of creating thumbnails.

Create Amazing Thumbnails with a Thumbnail Maker

As we told you earlier, creating a thumbnail using conventional graphic design tools is a costly and time-consuming affair. The alternate method of creating compelling thumbnails for your videos is using a free thumbnail maker. You can easily find a Youtube thumbnail creator for this purpose and create some great thumbnails for your videos.

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The application will offer you plenty of thumbnail templates that can be easily modified to create a conversion machine in the form of a thumbnail for your video. Just make sure that you choose a template that is highly relatable to the niche of your videos and stick with it because the audience likes consistency everywhere. 

End Words!

The presence of thumbnails for videos has become really essential these days, and you can’t make the mistake of messing with the thumbnails, as they act as the first impression of your videos. We have enlisted a few reasons behind the importance of video thumbnails to help you understand why they matter a lot. Additionally, we have discussed methods to create thumbnails for your videos. We hope you will find this entire article useful.


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