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How to enable root access on Phoenix OS

Root Phoenix OS in 2 minutes

Phoenix OS is an Android custom OS that can be installed on either a Windows computer or macOS. You can dual boot your it with your Windows OS. This post isn’t there to give you more insights about what phoenix OS is all about, but rather to show you how to enable root access on Phoenix OS. For this guide, you won’t have to install any special apps if you are running the latest version of Phoenix OS.

This guide is made with the use of Phoenix OS v1.6.1 running on Android 5.1. The procedure is the same for the Phoenix OS based on Android 7.

Why you need root access on your Phoenix OS.

Rooting as we all know gives us admin privileges. A rooted Android device has its downside though, but the advantages make it worth using. Here are some of the reasons you may want to enable root access on your Phoenix OS.

Some advantages of rooting

  1. Pop-ups are considered a regular problem in most games and apps. This is one annoying problem with the latest release of Phoenix OS. For example, I am using the Phoenix OS 1.6.1 running on Android 5.1 and the pre-installed VIP Services app keeps showing popup ads every now and then. But with root access, it is pretty easy to disable ads on any system app.
  2. Another good reason you may want to root your Phoenix OS is to get rid of some pre-installed OEM apps.
  3. CPU clocking capabilities aren’t supported by nonrooted devices. CPU Clocking which is available with rooted devices gives you the possibility to increase and/or decrease the CPU or processor speed of your device. This intend helps you extract maximum performance. You can decide thus to decrease the CPU speed and extend the battery lifespan of your computer.
  4. Freeze system apps if you do not wish to uninstall them as this may cause system instability. The possibility to freeze apps in most Android systems and the Phoenix OS likewise is only limited to the apps you installed or bloatware. But once you have root access enabled, you can freeze system pre-installed OEM apps, thus boosting speed.
  5. Certain Android games and apps require root access. So, if you are to use any of these, enabling root access on your Phoenix OS is necessary.
  6. With your Phoenix OS rooted, you have access to root files. And from the file manager, while accessing files in the root directory, you can decide to change the read/write status of system apps and perform other tweaks.

Enabling root access on Phoenix OS in just 2 minutes

You won’t be needing any apps in order to accomplish this. Phoenix OS already comes with a pre-installed Superuser manager. All you need to do is enable it. Below are the steps to follow:

Final words

Just like rooting any Android device will give you full control, rooting or enabling root access on your Phoenix OS should also enable you to perform customizations and tweaks. You could easily get rid of annoying ads and boost performance.


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