How to Install Google Play Store on HarmonyOS Huawei devices

Is it possible to Install Google Play Store on HarmonyOS Huawei devices? We are sure many are asking themselves this question given that the latest Huawei Honor devices running on HarmonyOS cannot install and run stock Google Apps.

 Owing to the ban, Huawei is unable to work with companies such as Google, Qualcomm, and Intel, among many others.

So, Huawei no longer has access to the very fundamentals of Android smartphones. Their new products thus can’t run Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Play Store, etc.

But as always, there is a walkaround for nearly every situation as technology keeps improving. In today’s short tutorial, we will be telling you how to Install Google Play Store on HarmonyOS Huawei devices.

Although you can download the APK files of Google apps Gmail, Google Maps, etc, and install they won’t work because the HarmonyOS is missing Google Play services required by them. So, using the method we have described here will be a good option.

What do we need?

We will be needing a particular app that will help us to install all the necessary Google Play Services required by Google Apps including Google Play Store.

OurPlay App is what you will be needing here. This App once installed on Your Huawei device running on HarmonyOS will download the official Google Play Services required by your device as well as Google Play Store.

How to download and install OurPlay APK

  • Start by downloading and installing OurPlay APK from this link: OurPlay APK
  • Once the app is installed, launch it and accept the terms and go through the startup wizard.

Installing OurPlay

  • Next, grant the app all the required access permissions when asked.
  • You will then see OurPlay start downloading and installing the required Google App suites.

Installing OurPlay on HarmonyOS

  • Also, if the app requires permission to install other apps and add-ons, accept to proceed. The OurPlay App will also download and install Google Play Store.
  • Once the app has finished installing all required apps and packages, relaunch it and you will now see GooglePlay Store.

Installing OurPlay on HarmonyOS

  • Tap on the Google Play Store icon and log in with your Google account.
  • And there you go. You will now be able to install and run any other Google Apps on your HarmonyOS Huawei device. 

OurPlay supported phones:

  • Huawei P50
  • Huawei P50 Pro
  • Nova 8 Pro 4G/5G
  • Nova 8 . phone
  • Nova 8i. phone
  • Mate 40E
  • Mate 40 Pro
  • Mate 40 Pro Plus
  • Huawei P40 4G/5G
  • Huawei P40 Lite 5G
  • Mate X2 (Foldable)
  • Nova 7 SE 5G
  • Huawei Y7a
  • Huawei Y9a
  • Huawei Y8p
  • Huawei Y8s
  • Huawei Y6p
  • Huawei Y5p
  • Nova 7 Pro 5G
  • Nova 7 5G
  • Huawei Y7p
  • Nova 7i
  • Huawei Y6s 2019
  • Nova 6 4G/5G
  • Huawei Y9s
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G
  • Huawei Mate 30
  • Nova 5i Pro
  • Nova 5T


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