How to recharge Eneo Prepaid Meter using MTN Mobile Money?

How to recharge Eneo Prepaid Meter using MTN Mobile Money? To make things easier when it comes to paying your Electricity bills in Cameroon, we have numerous Mobile payments systems put in place by ENEO Cameroon at the disposal of customers.

From your mobile phone, pay your own Eneo bill or that of a third party. To do this, you will, first of all, have to;

  • Subscribe to the MTN Mobile Money service. 
  • Fund your account at an MTN agency or at an MTN Mobile Money partner. 
  • Fill in 2 information fields in your MTN Mobile Money menu. The invoice reference number or the Eneo contract number.

Pay eneo bill online

Pay your Eneo bill in 2 minutes without moving with MTN online. You can also pay your Eneo bill securely in a cybercafé or from the internet on the MTN Cameroon Mobile Money User Web Application site. You will instantly receive a payment confirmation SMS. The SMS contains the details of the transaction: contract number and the amount paid.

  • Type *126*1#
  • Choose “Pay bill”: 1 MTNC; 2 Eneo.
  • Insert the reference.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Pin code.

[tds_info]NB: the reference is in the upper right part of your invoice. If you don’t have the current invoice handy? You can always insert the Eneo subscriber number, located under your name, Contract N°/Contract No. The system will display the reference of the pending invoice and its amount.[/tds_info]

How to pay an Eneo bill via Orange Money?

As soon as you have selected your invoice provider, you are offered three options: pay/consult with a registered account, pay/consult with the invoice number, and register your account number.

How can I view my Eneo invoice online?

Eneo replaced it with 8010 (SMS) and 699119911 (WhatsApp). From now on, to see your invoice for the month, your receipts, as well as the history of the last 10 invoices, send your Eneo contract number to 8010 (SMS) or 699119911 (WhatsApp).

  • Complete and sign the Mobile Money subscription form available in an MTN agency or a partner
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Sign the terms and conditions.
  • Attach a copy of your valid national identity card
  • At the end of the operation, dial *126*1#
  • Select a 5-digit PIN code
  • You can now fund your MTN Mobile Money account. this is the provision you will make in your account, which will then allow you to pay your bill. Download the electricity bill payment manual here.
  • Pay your bills as an Orange Money customer.
  • Dial #144# then choose option 4 “bill payment”.
  • Select CIE from the available invoices.
  • Next: …
  • Your invoice will be displayed with the amount to be paid.
  • Pay your bill in full by entering your secret Orange Money code.


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