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How to Install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store on Windows 11

How do you go about installing Android Apps on your Windows 11? You will first of all have to install the Windows subsystem for Android.

This tutorial explains how to install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store on Windows 11. And the good thing about this approach is it works even for devices that are considered not supported for the WSA.

Again, installing the WSA with Google Play Store gives you a broader number of apps to install on your Windows 11 PC, unlike the default Amazon Appstore.

Microsoft launched Windows Subsystem for Android for Windows 11, allowing users to install and run Android apps on PCs which is really a revolutionary idea.

Unlike Android Apps installed via an emulator, the apps you install via the WSA work as default system native apps.

What is reauired of you

Now, let’s cut the story short and dive into the real topic of the day. But before that, note that you will need to;

  • Have your co;puter already running on Windows 11
  • Install ADB on your Windows 11
  • Get the Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play package fro; the doznload section below.
  • Download the Google Play Kernel for WSA
  • Must have Virtual machine platform turned on. Read here for the steps on how to enable Virtual machine platform on WIN 11.


Installing ADB

Before we begin with the installation of the Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store, installing ADB on our Windows 11 is capital. This will help us grant the WSA superuser rights so that Google Play Store can work properly.

Now, follow the steps below in order to install ADB.

  • First, creat a folder named « adb » in your C:\ drive.
  • Now, download the platform tools and extract.
  • After extracting, you will find a folder named « platform-tools« . Copy this folder to the path C:\adb.

Install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store on Windows 11

Now, let’s install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google play on Windows 11.

  • To start, make sure you have enabled Virtual Machine platform follosing this tutorial.
  • Enable developer’s mode on Windows 11

deve mode
toggle dev mode

Install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store on Windows 11


  • Now, it’s time to install the SWA package. Launch PowerShell as admin.
start PowerShellll as admin
  • Once the PowerShell loads completely, while inside the SWA package folder, copy the path.
Copy path
  • Now, from the PowerShell, enter the following command
cd 'SWA Packahe folder path"
install WSA
  • After entering the above command, hit the Enter key you can now proceed with the installation proper. Use the command below and hit Enter to install the WSA.
Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml
  • Once installed, you should now see it by clicking on the start menu icon among other apps.

Windows Subsystem for Android installed.
  • Now, start the Windows Subsystem for Android and enable « Developer mode ».
start the Windows Subsystem for Android and enable "Developer mode".
  • After enabling developer mode in Windows Subsystem for Android, click on the file link. Note that youhave to be connected to the internet.

launch files WSA
  • The WSA will then doznload reauired files and installed. This will as well install Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.
Google Play Store Installed.

At this point, ze are almost done. Google Play Store installed. But for it to work properly we have to perform some more tweaks.

Enabling Google Play Store on Windows 11 via WSA

  • Now, head to you computer and open the adb folder you created and copied the platform-tools folder to at the beginning of this tutorial. This should be located at C:\adb.
  • Open the adb folder and then the « platform-tool » folder inside it. While inside this folderm type « cmd » on the address bar and hit enter to open command prompt.


  • Without closing the command prompt, launch again the Windows Subsystem for Android, toggle off then on developer mode. You should now see a proxy and port.
adb address and port
  • Now, you will have to establish adb connection and grant WSA connection with your local connection.
  • From the command line, enter the follozing command
adb connect[port_number]

[tds_info]Replace [port_number] with the adb port number you got from WSA.[/tds_info]

  • Finally, enter these commands one after the other
adb shell
setenforce 0
establish adb connecion

Great! you are all set.

All you have to do next is launch Google Play Store and sign in with your account.

Google Play ok

You can go on and install any app from Google Play

Install WhatsApp


Now that you’ve gone through this article on how to Install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store on Windows 11, we believe you can now install all those favorite Android apps of yours on your PC.

Also, apps installed with WSA work exactly as any native Windows app you install from the Microsoft Store. The apps open flawlessly and can adapt to different screen sizes.

Besides the fact that traditional Android emulators like Bluestacks have custom optimization for particular apps (especially games), so far the WSA is still good. And we are pretty sure it will prove to be better over time.


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