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iPhone app deals: 2 paid iPhone apps now free to download

It’s been a while since we shared with you guys info on iPhone paid apps gone free. Some of these apps we share are still free whereas others have returned to being paid. Today’s free paid iPhone app deals comprise of 2 paid iPhone apps now free to download. And as usual, the apps are going to remain free for just a couple of time. We do not know exactly how long the apps will continue to be free, but you will be able to know right away from the download app box.

Advantages of a paid app over the free app versions

It is very normal for people to go for the paid version of an app rather than the free version of the same app. Since paid apps usually have more unlocked features. Also, paid apps are usually ad-free. With paid apps being ad-free, they consume lesser data connection.

Download these 2 paid apps for free

As mentioned above, the apps are going to be free for only a short while. We are not affiliated to the app developers in any way. MY VIP TUTO simply informs you about the latest changes made by them.

Below we have two picked paid apps you can download for your iPhone. One of these apps is best suited for Doctors, whereas, if you are a game lover, the other is for you.

1. Mos Speedrun 2

Make use of the skills Mos has to make it through the 30 challenging levels where you collect coins. Hunt for hidden gold skulls as well and become yourself the first on the leaderboard.

[appbox appstore id835098788]

MOS SPEEDRUM 2: 2 paid iphone apps now free to download

Game description

Mos is back, in her biggest and most exciting adventure ever!

Wall-jump to victory through 30 mysterious, action-packed levels!

This time Mos has learned some awesome new abilities: Swing on ropes, swim through jelly, push blocks, wall jump, and fight through spider webs to reach the end of a level.

You aren’t alone in this new adventure, you can race your friends’ best speedrun times, they appear as ghosts that run along right beside you, fighting every inch of the way for the fastest time.

Decide how you want to play: Like speed? You can try to beat the speedrun time on every level. Prefer collecting? Try to collect all the coins hidden around the levels. If you are an expert, you can search for the Gold Skulls hidden on each level, the only way to get to them is through dangerous secret areas.

The costume system is back and better than ever. Want to wear a dinosaur costume, fedora, and clown nose? This can be arranged!

There’s much more waiting to be found, Mos Speedrun 2 is packed with secrets!

CM: Contraction Timer/Monitor: 2 paid iPhone apps now free to download

This is a simple contraction counter app developed by Jordan Holland. You simply have to tap the start and stop button at the top of the screen to record the time and length of contractions. The gap between contractions is generated automatically.

[appbox appstore id1304873525]

CM: Contraction Timer/Monitor

App description

CMate: Contraction Timer

CMate is an application to track labour contractions.

It’s really easy to use to, just press the start/stop button at the top of the home screen and the app will automatically generate a list of contractions – pre-filled with length, gap and time.


– Start and stop button for measuring labour contractions

– Display of time/gap/length in list form below the start/stop button

– Deleting of list items

– Option in settings to stop the screen from sleeping

– Continuation: even if you close the app you can come back to it and your last time will still be kept.


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