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LG ThinQ V60 5G, LG’s new flagship unveiled.

Foldable smartphones seem to be the new ideal smartphone design recently, and Samsung, Microsoft, and even Motorola have one of such designs. LG one of the mobile phone companies which have also been designing great smartphones isn’t standing out at all. LG just unveiled it’s new flagship device — The Dual-screen LG ThinQ V60 5G. Although this isn’t a foldable smartphone, it is pretty awesome to see that LG isn’t standing out at all as far as coming up with new interesting flagships is concerned.

And in contrast to the new Huawei Mate XS and the Samsung Galaxy Fold LG’s ThinQ V60 5G dual-Screen phone doesn’t have its screen bent in half via foldable OLED touchscreen. LG’s new flagship is a dual-screen device.

LG ThinQ V60 5G Dual-screen smartphone: What is the feature?

Just as the name suggests, this new flagship isn’t a foldable phone, and the second screen comes as an accessory. Meaning, you can choose whether to use or not. It isn’t permanently attached, so, you can clip the screen accessory onto the V60 ThinQ 5G.

Furthermore,  in terms of the resolution, the LG ThinQ 5G has two 6.8-inch screens, which can be used in either portrait or horizontal configurations. And owing to the fact that these screens are different, you can even run two different apps at a time on each of them.

And with the idea in mind that 5G connectivity will seriously impair on the battery longevity, LG has gone ahead to incorporate a 5,000mAh battery into this device. This should at least be enough to sustain your device for a day-long without you having to recharge.

The device comes with two cameras, a 64MP main camera and a 13MP wide-angle lens and Snapdragon 865 processor. As for the storage, we will have either 128GB or 256GB.

LG Dual-screen ThinQ V60 5G price and release date

LG confirms that the price for their new flagship device — the LG ThinQ V60 5G Dual-screen won’t be as high as that of Samsung’s galaxy fold. So, judging from the price of the Galaxy fold, one could say it will be around $1000 or less.

As for when this new device will be available, it is set for very soon. You will be able to get one late this month of April in Asia, Europe or North America.


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