Liste iptv m3u free France vlc 2023

On this website, you will find latest free iptv for France. You can easily download our updated every day m3u lists and run with any IPTV player. Free IPTV lists for France, we will ensure you have always fresh m3u playlists with all France channels, if you have any request to ask please feel free, or any France channel to add. We will try to update it every morning. Latest France m3u files, download free iptv France m3u channels on this page.

Here you can download free iptv worldwide m3u and latest m3u files for iptv 2020.

How IPTV works and why You should use it too?

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So how it works?

Many people today are using IPTV Service . A few decades ago world was limited with only few channels, nowadays there is sea of all sorts of channels. Even if you are sports lover, or movie lover it doesn’t matter, you can find your packages and what suits you.

On technical side, IPTV service or INTERNET PROTOCOL TELEVISION is a service which transmits television content through TCP/IP network. This service only use your wifi data and that’s why it is much more convenient for customers to use.

How to use it?

Nowadays, there are hundreds of IPTV apps. For instance, if you are using TV (Samsung or LG), there is an app called SMART IPTV. When you have you playlist prepared, just visit their website on this link and download app from market. Activation License is worth 5$.

Another Good App for same TVs is called SET IPTV. Open the app market on your TV, download the app and you are good to go. The activation license for this app is 15$ and it is lifetime activation.

For ANDROID TVs or and other android devices, there are literally thousands of apps on Google Play. One of the best apps is IPTV app. Same way for uploading your playlists. When you have your lists ready, look for them on your local disk or paste the url.

PC or MAC users can download VLC software. It is one the best for streaming services. You can look for VLC player on this link.

The only thing what you have to do with VLC is to set your loopback option to number “1”. Details down below on the picture.


How M3U works?

Every m3u playlists starts with (#EXTM3U). Then you have Channel Description (EXTINF:-1, TV9 CHANNEL NAME HD), you can add logo image and group in which channels belongs. After description comes the URL(http://channel.com:80/ab/ab/23) of that same channel. All lists are saved like PLAYLIST.m3u or when you want UTF-8 encoded list then you have m3u8 extension.

Download IPTV M3u free France Playlists 2023


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