Netflix StreamFeast: Free Netflix in India

The New approach taken by Netflix to woo more users in India is the Netflix StreamFeast. StreamFeast will give your access to free Netflix in India.

Netflix has always been the top leading streaming services and it is common and popular in many countries. The service is paid thought but we have some good news for our loved Indian readers.

Netflix StreamFest to let you watch videos without subscription on December 5th to 6th this year.

So, If you are in India, do not miss this opportunity to watch all your favourite movies and TV shows you have been longing to watch on Netflix but couldn’t afford to pay for a subscription.

Everyone loves stories. They thrill us, make us fall in love, and help us see new worlds.  And at Netflix, you can get all the thrill and entertainment you want.

This Streaming service offers you the most amazing stories from across the world to all fans of entertainment.


StreamFest will give an entire weekend (Dec. 5 12.01 am -Dec. 6 11.59 pm) — of free Netflix accessible to anyone in India. So, anyone in India can watch all the blockbuster films, the biggest series, award-winning documentaries, and entertaining reality shows for two whole days.  

Netflix has been aggressively expanding its presence in the Indian market. It has been rolling out localised content and adding international titles as it looks to woo new users in the country. India has seen a massive surge in online video consumption over the last few years. The trend has accelerated further since the lockdown.

Useful trick for non Indian users

Not in India? Oh no! That’s what you’re probably saying. But we have a trick for you. Guess What? You can bypass this restriction and also enjoy the StreamFeast outside of India by using a powerful VPN!

Recommended VPNs


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