Original answer: How to make money online from Africa?

How to make money on the Internet for someone who lives in Africa? Original answer: How to make money online from Africa? Earning money in Africa is no different from earning money in America, Europe, or Asia, as long as you specify « online » or « on the Internet ».

I have a lot of friends (and also online students) living in Africa who make a very good living on the Internet. Many are students, others work, and some are unemployed (well-educated but not yet employed).

As soon as the question of employment in Africa is that of squaring the circle (critical or extremely difficult), the activities that I offer to young Africans are among others:


Affiliation: register on 1tpe or ClickBank and you will earn a few hundred euros per month. I don’t recommend Amazon (it’s a waste of time!). But to be successful in affiliate, you need a little training in internet marketing to know how to have traffic on your affiliate links otherwise you will never gain anything …

Online courses

Online courses: giving online courses in a field that you master can guarantee you a lot of hundreds of euros per month. If you are proficient in WordPress, you can even start your online training business today.


Freelance: go there on sites like 5 euros or Fiverr and sell your services at 5 euros or 5 dollars.

blogging: open a blog on WordPress on a subject (theme) you like and monetize it with your affiliate links.

The photos business

The photos business: take beautiful photos of pretty scenes in Africa and put them on photo sales sites. Every time someone uploads one of your photos, you will earn money.

Good day to all of you who live in this beautiful Africa!


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