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How to Receive & Make Phone Calls from Windows 10 Using Android

Hello guys, in today’s tutorial, we are going to show you how to receive and make phone calls from Windows 10 using your Android smartphone. This is a new feature Windows 10 users can exploit to place their calls directly from their PC when they are occupied with work on their computer.

This method of syncing your Android smartphone and Windows 10 computer in order to place and receive calls is completely free and easy to setup.

As for what we will be using for the syncing(synchronisation) of your Android and PC, Apart from allowing you to make calls from your PC, it is Your Phone App from Microsoft. The apps sync notifications from your Android with your computer and let you manage media on the phone. As a result, the app is very helpful for those who work on their PC and do not want to reach for the phone to check for notifications or place calls.

Receive and make phone calls on Windows 10 from Android

In order to use the Your Phone app to make phone calls on Windows from your Android, you will need to;

  1. Install Your Phone App on your Android
  2. Install as well the PC version of Your Phone from the Windows store.
  3. Have a Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, you can create it directly after installing the app on your Windows computer.
  4. Have the latest Windows 10 update installed

Setting up Your Phone app to receive and make phone calls from Windows 10

  1. Start by downloading and installing Your Phone App from the Google Play Store on your Android. Also, install the PC version of the app.
  2. Next, after the app is installed, launch it and tap on Sign in with Microsoft then Log in with your Microsoft account and tap on Continue.
  3. The app will request for certain permissions. Grant it the access to the requested services and continue.
  4. After this, the next thing you will have to do is setup Your Phone app for PC.
  5. Login in with your Microsoft account on your pc as well(Log in on Your App).
  6. After Loggin in on the two devices(Android & PC) with the same account, you should now see your Android device show up in the app.
  7. Click on Get Started and follow the setup process.
  8. Make sure to enable Bluetooth on your Android device.
  9. You would be asked to pair your phone with the PC.
  10. Once the pairing process is completed, you’re good to go.

Your Phone App download

[appbox googleplay]

[appbox windowsstore 9nmpj99vjbwv]

How to make calls from Windows 10 with Your Phone app

[tds_warning]While using this method to make phone calls on your Windows 10 computer from your Android, note that the call quality will be dependent on your network and PC microphone[/tds_warning]

Receive and make phone calls on Windows from Android

Now that you have everything setup, you can now easily make calls, receive and send text messages from your computer. Here is how to proceed;

The Your Phone app has a dial pad where you can enter the phone number of any of your contacts you wish to call. And since your Android is synced with your computer, you can search from your contact list the contact you wish to call directly.

Once you have spotted or entered the contact you wish to call, simply click on the call icon to place your call. And of course if you have an incoming call, you will also get the notification on your Windows 10 and you can reply to it.

Our thoughts

If you are constantly working on your computer, then this guide should prove handy. This way, you can free yourself from the hassle of always having to pick up your Android whenever you have phone calls, new text message, etc.


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