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Roblox My Hero Mania – Code List (June 2023)

In this guide we have made a code list Roblox My Hero Mania active and running June 2023. Thanks to this list of codes you can get a lot of rewards and totally free unlockables that will help you advance in the game.

Updated Code List of Roblox My Hero Mania

If you are a regular player of Roblox My Hero Mania and you usually look for codes on the internet for the game, I recommend that you save this web page in the bookmarks of your browser. We will keep this guide updated with all the codes that are published. All the codes in this list have been tested just before publishing or updating this guide.

Code List Roblox My Hero Mania (active and in operation)

  • goal200k – Get 10 free spins! 🔥
  • theultra190k – Convert into free spins!

Code List Roblox My Hero Mania (expired)

  • spinner180k – Convert into 5 free spins!
  • 160ktux – Get 5 Free Spins!
  • letsgo150k – Convert your code into 5 free spins!
  • ultra140k – Convert a code into 5 free spins!
  • big130k – Convert a code for 5 free spins!
  • plus120k! – Redeem the code for 4 free spins!
  • 110kcodeyay – Convert the code in 5 spins!
  • its90k! – Redeem the code for 6 spins!
  • 80kcode! – Redeem a code for 5 spins!
  • 70kalready – Convert a code for 2 spins!
  • likereward1 – Convert a code in 2 spins!
  • the100k – Convert the code in 10 spins!
  • zi170k – Convert into free spins!
  • FirstCode! – Redeem a code for 5 spins!


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