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How to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp groups are there for people to come together and share ideas. WhatsApp users can also create special groups for studies. But one thing that could become a big drawback is the fact that you are sometimes added to groups that you do not want to join. In this post, we are going to show you how to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp groups. This way you can decide which WhatsApp group is worth joining.

Whatsapp is one of the most used social networks in the world. And with its group function, many people create groups to exchange information. with other users. Groups on WhatsApp can be very useful because they can be used to schedule meetings or appointments between several people. At universities, some professors send course information and exam results to the WhatsApp group created specifically to discuss course information.

WhatsApp group privacy options

It is very simple to prevent your contacts who are group administrators from adding you to a group. You need to access WhatsApp privacy settings to configure it.

With the latest version of WhatsApp, you have three options on who you want to be able to add to groups. Note that this guide is only valid for Android users. This feature isn’t yet available for the official iOS version of WhatsApp.

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • Nobody

The options above are available. So, looking at it you have the possibility to completely block people from adding you to groups.

The « My contacts » option allows the user to automatically join a group if the request is sent by a member of their address book. Finally, the « Everyone » option allows everyone to add the user to a group conversation.


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Stop people from adding you to WhatsApp groups

To prevent people from adding you to groups, you will need to choose the Person option. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Access WhatsApp settings
  • From there, go to account then confidentiality
  • Then click on Groups and set the option of who can add you to groups on Nobody

If you choose « Nobody », note that the group administrator can still send you an invitation link. This way you can choose to join the group or not. But you will not be added to any group without your consent.


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