Top Showbox Animated Movies List in 2023 to Watch Online with Showbox Apk

Showbox Animated movies have always fans from older people to kids and everyone loves to watch them. A lot of movies releases every year. But all of them will not attract viewers. To get more viewer attraction there should be some special element. 2018 was a good year with a lot of good animated movies. Most of them were commercially successful.

For those people who love to watch animated movies online, Showbox App is a good choice. Here you will get all the animated movies without any hindrance. The only condition to watch a movie without any interruption is to have a good quality internet connection. Watch them and enjoy anywhere. Here are some top Showbox Animated movies released in 2018.

Top 5 Showbox Animated Movies Watch Free Online on Your Device with Showbox Apk:


Coco is an American 3D animated fantasy film released by Walt Disney. The director of the movie is Lee Unkrich. The movie shows the story of a 12- year boy who accidentally transported into the land of the dead. He is trying to come back to the living world with the help of his great-great-grandfather. The movie has got many awards as a best and listed one of the Showbox animated movies of 2018. You can watch any movies in the Showbox app.

Loving Vincent:

Loving Vincent is the animated biographical animated film about the life of a painter Vincent Van Gogh. Especially about the circumstances of his death. A young man came to the last hometown of the painter to deliver his last letter and ends up in investigating his final days there.  It is the first fully painted animated movie. Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman are the directors and writers of the movie. This movie has received many awards and recognition for its excellence.

The Lego Batman:

Lego Batman is a 3D animated superhero comedy movie produced by Warner Animation group. Chris Mckay is the director of the film. The main plot of the film is the attempt of Batman to stop the Jokers latest plan. The story has an interesting twist and turns, and you will love the animation. Don’t miss this movie if you are a fan of Showbox animated movies.

The Boss Baby:

The Boss baby is an animated film in the comedy genre. This movie is an adaption of a picture book of the same name written by Marla Frazee. Tom McGrath is the director and Written by Michel McCullers. The story narrates about a suit wearing a briefcase carrying a baby who is a secret agent in the war between an adult’s love between babies and puppies. The movie has got well reception among the audience received many awards worldwide. You can watch the movie if you love to watch funny animated movies.

Your Name:

This is a Japanese animated romantic fantasy drama movie written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. The movie has got many awards for a best-animated movie. The story of this movie is the romance between a boy from Tokyo and a girl from rural Japan. They swap their bodies and strange things happen after that. Both won’t remember the things happening after swapping their bodies. This is an interesting movie to watch as a movie lover. You can watch this movie with the help of subtitles from Showbox.

Those are some popular movies for you to watch in the animated film category. Watch then for free online. All of them were hit movies that released in 2018. Showbox allows you to watch them free if you can download the app on your device. This app is compatible with any device type.

Download the version that suits your device. Without waiting for download the Showbox App and enjoy unlimited entertainment anywhere anytime.


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