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How to unlock Alcatel Pixi 3(7) OT-9002X

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We have again another network unlocking guides cooked for you guys. As for today’s article, we will be centered on how to unlock Alcatel Pixi 3(7) OT-9002X with a common example being the one locked to the Tigo network.
If you happen to have your Alcatel Pixi 3(7) OT-9002X locked to any network other than the Tigo or Orange, this guide will help you unlock it in just no time.

For this guide, we will be using NCK pro Box(NCK Dongle Android MTK). Also, you will have the make sure you have Android MTK drivers installed on your Computer.

Requirements to unlock Alcatel Pixi 3(7) OT-9002X

As earlier said, you will be needing some tools and files for this unlocking process. Grab the files from below and unlock Alcatel Pixi 3(7) OT-9002X with ease for free.

  1. Android MTK drivers
  2. NCK Android MTK dongle crack version
  3. A USB cable
  4. A Computer

Unlock Alcatel Pixi 3(7) OT-9002X: All steps

To unlock your Alcatel OT-9002X after downloading the above files and tools, proceed thus;
  • Install MTK drivers
  • Download and extract NCK box crack
  • Once you have finished extracting, open folder and run NCK box loader.
  • Now on the main dashboard, configure as follows
unlock Alcatel  Pixi 3(7) OT-9002X
  1. When you are on the main dashboard of NCK dongle, under phone setting, use 0-byCUP and set chip type to MT6582.
  2. Next, set connection mode as Flash mode.
  3. Next, click the direct unlock button and connect the phone via USB to the Computer. Note that your phone should be powered off before you connect to the Computer.
unlock Alcatel  Pixi 3(7) OT-9002X
  • When you connect the phone to the Computer via USB, provided everything is well set, the unlocking will take a couple of seconds to complete.
  • You should see unlock logs with an unlocked message.
unlock Alcatel  Pixi 3(7) OT-9002X
At this point, simply power on your device with a sim card from any carrier in your area. Your Alcatel OT-9002X will be unlocked and ready for use.


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