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Whatsapp Green Omar Al Akhdar OB4WhatsApp v29 Omar latest update 2023

Download WhatsApp Omar Badeeb Al-Akhdar Security WhatsApp Omar Green against the ban Download the latest update 2023 with a direct link Media Fire OB4WhatsApp v29 differs from WhatsApp Plus Blue, Burgundy and Pink in terms of color and some features.

The Watts August Omar Green , one of the latest versions Alwats modified August, which enables you to run an application whatsapp last with whatsapp Arabic regular official extra features completely safe.

Whatsapp Omar Al Akhdar Ob4WhatsApp Omar

Smartphones are now working with two slices or more, but it is common now that every smart phone works with two slices, and some may be organized in their lives.

 It makes one chip for personal communication, the other for business communication, as well as WhatsApp.

About WhatsApp Omar Badeeb Al-Akhdar

Whatsapp Omar Al Akhdar is a similar version of the original WhatsApp, but it has many features that make you dispense with the original WhatsApp application, and rely on the WhatsApp Omar application .

It contains additional features that are similar to WhatsApp, perhaps one of them is sending messages without a limit, whether for contacts or for the number of characters.

 In addition to the possibility of translating texts, and writing the text in an ornate manner, whether in Arabic or other languages, is WhatsApp Omar safe ?

 It has more than one type of fonts, and we will list its most important features in the following paragraph.

Features and advantages of WhatsApp Omar Al-Akhdar

This version of WhatsApp has more than one version, which are constantly updated versions in order to achieve more stability for users.

Among the most important features and characteristics of this version:

The green WhatsApp version works for at least 5 months, and before the end of the period you will get an update.

  • – WhatsApp Plus Green Age enables you to activate the night mode.
  • – You can access any WhatsApp conversation without opening the home page.
  • It now contains a large library containing stickers and stickers as well as emotions.
  • There is an automatic response that resembles a bot in Messenger.
  • You can delete messages from everyone, even if a long time has passed.
  • WhatsApp Omar contains other features and features that are worth trying.


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