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Where to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card in 2023

Pay securely online, and keep your privacy a secret with VCC

Looking for where to get a free virtual credit card in 2023? Then you’ve come to the right place. Credit cards are very essential in today’s economy of evolving technology. Online payments are being done with payment methods which make use of credit cards. But, many people will rather like to keep their privacy while making online purchases. That is why we are here to tell you about Virtual Credit cards. We are going to tell you where to get a free virtual credit card in 2020.

What is a free virtual credit card?

virtual credit card is just a credit card number. It is generated automatically to serve the purpose of making payments online.

By using some software, Organisations can generate an interim credit card number which serves as a credit card to ease online payments.

One good thing about VCC is that you can’t trace them back to the original easily. So, online hackers or deceitful merchants are not able to get to your sensitive data.

Also, given that virtual credit cards are non-physical, it is almost impossible to clone them, which makes it highly safe for all online transactions.

Advantages of using a Virtual Credit Card(VCC)

  1. Firstly, there is the protection of your personal information.
  2. Secondly, there are no extra charges to when you use them(free)
  3. Thirdly, VCC is accepted by most internet users globally
  4. Customers are allowed a minimum and maximum credit limit per transaction each day.
  5. Flexible

Some Cons of VCC

  1. Firstly, virtual credit cards are valid for only a specific time period, specified by the card issuer.
  2. Secondly, not accepted by all merchants since it isn’t the real CC.
  3. Thirdly, at times transaction may delay resulting in the item purchased to be sent without the transaction getting completed.
  4. And lastly, if there is a transaction where the customer has to show the original credit card in which the payment was done, virtual cards are unusable.

Where to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card in 2023

After reading the pros and cons of using a VCC, if you are still in need of one, then continue reading below. You will find top VCC providers below. By making use of the VCC providers below, you can get one for your online verifications and purchases.

1. Payoneer VCC

Payoneer VCC: get a free virtual credit card
Payoneer VCC

Payoneer’s cross-border payments platform empowers businesses, online sellers and freelancers to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally. So, if you want a secure, fast, and adaptable credit card, Payoneer is a better choice. Their VCC is available to only a selected people though.

Get a Payoneer free VCC

2. Amex(American Express) VCC

Amex(American Express) VCC
Amex VCC

The Amex Card is classified among the most used Credit Card for online payments. Their VCC can be used Worldwide. To get one is simple. Just create a user profile and virtual Card in the American Express Go portal, with the option to send a physical Card. 

Virtual Cards are sent to users via the Amex GoTM mobile app, and they can start using online right away. Also, a physical Card can be used for in-person purchases once it arrives. Furthermore, one good thing about it is that there is an option to reuse the virtual Card at a later date.

Get an Amex free VCC

3. FreeCharge VCC

For Indians, this is one of the best portals to get a working Virtual Credit Card. So, if you are having issues with your debit card getting accepted on some online shopping sites, then FreeCharge VCC issued by YES Bank is a good option. By using it, you can avoid being a victim of scams, especially for a starter.

FreeCharge VCC
FreeCharge VCC

Get a FreeCharge VCC

4. Neteller VCC

Their VCC is also made in such a way you can use worldwide. The currencies are euro and US dollar. Moreover, you can have the Moment Process for making free VCC with simple data and confirmation. The other benefit is Neteller will charge less if you claim the first virtual MasterCard for free.

Neteller free VCC

5. Payqin free virtual credit card

Payqin free virtual credit card
Payqin free VCC

If you are in Africa where it is difficult to get a real credit card and want a VCC, then Paqin is a good call of choice. You can purchase a Payqin VCC through MTN Mobile Money or Orange Money.

They offer a VCC which is valid for 3 transactions at €3 or pay for a year VCC at €12. You can topup the card by Mobile Money. You are charged 3.5% whenever you make a deposit and 2% during withdrawals. The card issued is a Master card. If you want a VCC for a business account, you will have to pay €15 per month.

Get a PayQin VCC

Bottom line

Where you looking for the best place to get a VCC for your online purchases? If yes, then we suppose the sites and apps we have listed above will come in handy. Keeping ones privacy secret while performing online payments is always a recommendation to avoid hackers attacks.

Have other good VCC providers to share with us? Kindly drop a comment below.


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