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YoWhatsApp APK 8.60 Download Latest [Anti-Ban] 2023

Are you looking for the (YOWA) YoWhatsApp APK latest version download link?

However, your wait is over now. Here is the best page that you were looking for and giving you the hottest WhatsApp Modified apps with a clear-cut explanation.

All you know that WhatsApp has upper hand over the many apps which are meant to be made for the same purpose. Instant Messaging platform makes your work easier and more comfortable.

You can easily send any message, media files such as images, videos, etc. Currently, this kind of apps taking a crucial part in our day to day life.

Isn’t it? Yep, in these days most of the people sharing their moments as stories with the help of these apps. Agenda is they want their friends and relatives know about the current thing or status of the personal.

Anyway, we are all using WhatsApp insanely on our smart devices to get some benefits like keeping in touch with valuable or lovely ones. Do you want me to say precisely? Then, know the present status of theirs

Download YoWhatsApp APK [Anti-Ban] for Android

One of the sad things is; YoWa is only available for the Android Platform. So, iOS users don’t have a chance to try this fantastic application. Maybe they can get this very soon.

We will update the YoWhatsApp latest version according to the Yousef al basha release. So, don’t need to bother about the updates. Download the latest and Anti-Ban update of Emoji and No Emoji from below.

Did you download? Checkout the Version Info.

Version Info

DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Size40 MB
VariantEmoji & No Emoji
Last UpdatedDecember 04, 2020

Features of YoWhatsApp:

Some awesome features, we have listed below. These are very crucial to many of the Users. If we missed anything, then please let me know via comments.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the list.

Dual Account

dual account

Dual Account is one of the best features which you can get from this YoWhatsApp. Indeed, These kinda apps were successful because of this option.

Generally, you can use this YoWhatsApp apk along with the playstore version or Other WhatsApp mod which is having another package name. Even, you can run three accounts by using various APKS.

Insanely cool. Right?

This would be helpful when you have some secrets or want you to chat with essential contacts or whatever the reason is. Somewhat, Better control over the work or chats.


YoWa privacy

Privacy is the first priority nowadays. YoWhatsApp comes with the better privacy control which you cannot that much any other application.

Along with some basic options, Yousef al basha included advanced privacy control over the chats and many things. However, same security you can get from this YoWhatsApp whatever playstore version has.

You will be surprised when you read all the privacy options which you can get from this.

  • Freeze Last Seen – This will help you to use Yowhatsapp secretly.
  • Anti Delete Messages –  If you enable this, then your contacts cannot delete messages for you.
  • Who can call me? – You can select particular contacts or categories to call you.
    1. Everyone
    2. My Contacts
    3. My Contacts Except ……. – If you don’t want calls from particular persons, then select this option.
    4. Select Contacts – If you want a call from particular persons, then select this option.
    5. Nobody – The Best option in my case.
  • Hide View Status – Can able to hide your view on someone status and help you to watch someone statuses secretly.

Including the above options, there are some basic privacy options also available in this YoWa app as like the other modified ones.

  • Show blue ticks after you reply
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide second tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Typing
  • Hide recording

You can choose some above mentioned basic privacy options for Contacts, groups and Broadcasts. Based on your need.

Menu >> YoMods >> Privacy >> Choose Accordingly



Theming is the Advanced concept that will only you can get with these modified applications. It will be updated until the developer continues his project.

Don’t need to bother about the themes. Many themes are developing by the users as well as the Developers to this YoWhatsApp APK. Simply you can add these themes with a single tap.

Unlike GbWhatsapp, this YoWhatsapp doesn’t require any additional application to do that thing. Nowadays GBWA is becoming somewhat commercial with unwanted popups.

I recommend you download this YOWA over GBWA. It just my suggestion, don’t take it seriously. If you can use this app for a while, then you will stick to YOWA for sure. You don’t need my suggestions anymore.

Meanwhile, it has an option to sideload the themes and also save your current one.

Menu >> YoMods >> YoThemes >> Download

Send Message

send message

Heading seems to be weird but what I mean is; send a message or call to the number which is not in your contact list. Cool Feature right?

This would be very helpful if you want to send message/Call to temporary persons. Even, you can use this feature with Official WA, but all you need is a third-party app.

In this YOWA, there are inbuilt feature lets you do it in a very simple manner. Don’t forget to add country code before the Number which you want to contact.

Menu >> Send Message >> Type Number with Country Code >> Send/Call


YOWA customization

YoWA is also providing the Customisation thing without limits. I mean every part of the UI can be changed, and that makes the app into a new one. This is one of the awesome parts of this mod.

The universal option lets you give a new look universally which is intended to make the customisation simply.

Under the universal option, you will find these features.


You can change the colour of these parts

  • Action bar Text Color
  • Background
  • Status bar
  • Navigation bar

There are not many features available here. Below are the Customisations what you can get from this option.

  • Font Style
  • Dark UI
  • Change Notification Icon

Menu >> YoMods >> Universal >> Choose

Emoji Variant

Emoji variant

Actually, it is the option which is available under the Customisations. Here you will find the Emoji styles from various Companies.

Such as Facebook, Stock WA, Emoji One v3, and Android Oreo.

Surprisingly you can get the Old Emoji Design. If you still love that one.

Menu >> YoMods >> Universal >> Mods >> Emoji Variant

Hide Media from Gallery

Hide media from gallery

A very helpful feature in case of accidental openings from friends or family members. You can hide Photos, Videos, and GIFs.

Once you enable this option, there are no longer available in the Gallery app. However, Though you can see those files from the file manager.

Menu >> Yomods >> Hide Media from gallery >> Photos/Videos/GIFs

Other Features

other features

Still, there are many mods are waiting to discuss. So, in this section, I will give you some essential features that every YoWhatsapp user should know.

Language – You can use this application in different Languages Such as Arabic, English, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Marathi, Bahasa Malaysian and Azerbaijani.

Launcher Icons – YoWhatsApp has a lot of Icons are available to try.

Enable Always Online – It will show your status is Online even close the app. But don’t clear the YOWA in Recents.

5 Minute Status (Removed) – With this, you can set 5 minutes video as a status, but only YOWhatsapp and Fouads Mods users can see the entire video.

Chat Contact Pic – It will show the contact DP in the chat screen

Send Images in Full Resolution – Send up to 18 MB Picture Size

Increase image Share Limit – Now, you can send more than 10 images on a single tap.

Increase Video Size – Send up to 700 MB Video.

Disable out Switching – It will help you prevent Switching between Speaker and earpiece.

Anti-Ban – Improved the measures in the latest update.

Status Splitter – Split long videos into 30 seconds parts.

Updates – Updates are the backbone of this YoWa. You will get frequent updates according to the Official WA.

Airplane Mode (DND) – Finally he added in the latest build and it is popularly known as Do Not Disturb mode on gbwa.


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